DC Comics Wrap Up: 9/3/2014

I know I’m late! But! I have reasons, that are good, and family related…and also, you don’t really care do you? I’m talking to myself. So, here we are…

OK, so things are pretty quiet on the DC Front this week, but there were many feelings, as we’re diving into Future’s End crossover month, so there’s that.

photo (29)

Grayson Future’s End #1: “Only A Place for Dying”

The thing I have to keep rememerbering is that these are alternate futures, so therefore, we don’t have to accept the idea that Helena executed Dick after Dick breaks KG Beasts neck, after they work for him during the Earth War. It’s not going to happen because Terry is going to save us. I can however, accept Dick and Helena having sex on a roof. That I’m cool with. Also, tracing the story all the way back to the night that the Graysons died, fantastic. Barbara telling Dick they can never be together because he wants Batman…perfect. Oh my God, so perfect. But also crap. Because I think we all want to see Babs Tarr take a whack at drawing Agent 37, yeah? Yay!

Green Arrow Future’s End #1

Oliver’s story ties much more into the main Future’s End story, since his death precipitates much of that action. Oliver has disappeared from Seattle again, and Emiko is working as Green Arrow in his place. When he returns he “dies” which it turns out was a fake out. Because what else is Oliver Queen going to do besides fake his own death over and over again. This is clearly his only superpower. Anyway, he sends the mysterious box to Lois, and Emiko says, “But it’s been years since you two…” and he cuts her off. DOES THAT MEAN THAT IN THIS TIMELINE OLLIE AND LOIS WERE A COUPLE AND SMALLVILLE STUFF IS STARTING TO BLEED OVER INTO NEW 52? This would please me greatly…

Action Comics Future’s End #1: “Crossroads”

Smallville stuff bleeding over into this timeline would also explain Clark running away, growing a beard and hanging out in Africa helping people. Smallville Clark would have been all over that. He ran away at least every other season…Anyway, he’s been trying to incorporate irrigation into the desert designed by “a friend of his.” (Bruce, I’d guess…) Meanwhile in Metropolis a mysterious figure is temporarily giving Superman’s powers to people that need them. A young girl who’s trying to kill herself finds she can fly. A guy being beat up by his bookie gets super strength, and a kid standing up to his abusive father finds himself invulnerable. The spirit shows all of this to Clark and points out why the world NEEDS Superman, to inspire them. It’s pretty cool.

Justice League #33: “Injustice League: Chapter 4 Puppet Strings”

The League and The Doom Patrol fight until they don’t anymore, and Batman goes to the girl possessed by the Power Ring and calms her down, in the way that only Batman can. He tells her that there’s no reason to be afraid anymore, because, come on, he’s here, and he’s Batman. Then he makes Clark and Diana put Luthor in the Justice League so they can keep an eye on him. I’m really glad that this wasn’t a Future’s End story, because I wanted to see how the Doom Patrol stuff played out.

Future’s End #18

So, Future’s End itself seems to be coming to a head, with only 3 or 4 issues left. So the badguy is definitely Brainiac, which I could have told you like, 10 issues ago, because duh. But Constantine confronts Superman about it. Meanwhile, Rampage wakes up just as Billy stars explaining to Lois why he’s been being Superman, and Stormguard shows up and begs her not to publish this story, and she’s all, “have we met? I’m Lois Lane!” Then Emiko, Diggle and Barda meet up with Roy and Ollie on OMAC island. Kind of loving Roy’s look in this series, but I miss his trucker cap. I’m looking forward to Outlaw’s Future’s End issue, because I’m deadly curious what happened to Jason and Kori. Farraday is chatting with Brainiac and we learn that Fifty Sue was an experiment to create home grown superhumans. It didn’t work, because she’s clearly a nutcase. Also, all of the Earth-2 superhumans are under Brainiacs control. Terry and The B-Listers break into Terrifictech. Good to see you Terry. Glad you’re in this story, that I was under the impression was supposed to be about you.

So that’s where we are. See you in a few hours for Marvel!


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