Outlander: Resistance Is Futile

One of the first times I clearly remember understanding that something dirty and sexy could be a whole lot of fun was when I read The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillippa Gregory when I was 16, and that has shaped my taste in, well, I don’t want to call it erotica, because I don’t have a long gray braid down my back. But, basically, if I’m looking for sexy times, by God, someone better be wearing corset. I maintain that this is why I didn’t quite get why 50 Shades was such a big deal. I mean, sure, the riding crop was shocking, but not Anne and Mary Boleyn discussing giving Henry VIII a handjob shocking. (One of the best scenes EVER by the way.)

So when Outlander landed on my radar a few months ago, thanks to Ally over at Fandom Obsessed, I decided I should read the books.

Then I got a job and that sort of fell by the wayside, and the show premiered, and I figured if I liked what I saw I would feel compelled to read the books, much as I had with Game of Thrones.

And that’s exactly what happened, while I wasn’t 100% sold on the plot and characters, I was totally sold on the sexy times. After all, our leading lady, Claire had lots of sexy sex with her husband, Frank in 1945, and then time traveled back to the 1700s, a concept that I love, because time travel YAY! And back there she makes broody eyes with a sexy Scot named Jamie. So yeah, I wasn’t sure I liked Claire but I was willing to give her story a shot.

Wow, are the first hundred or so pages of Outlander dull. Still after having finished the book, I don’t think I like Claire, but I did like the book. And also it speaks to Claire as a character that I’m not sure if I like her.

I don’t like Jamie. I mean, he’s sexy, and I totally get why women on the internet and in life are obsessed with this character, but he does suffer from Darcy complex, which is that somehow, Jamie Fraser is always, always, always right, about everything. It’s maddening.

For something like that to annoy someone who loves Batman as much as I do, well, I mean, it’s saying something right?

But resisting Outlander was just not going to happen for a girl like me. On Sunday, I lay on the beach talking to my friend Katie, (not that Katie, I went to Catholic school. I’m friends with 17 Katies.) and she was also trying to decide whether to start the show and read the book, as she too, is a fan of books that you can say you’re reading for the history but even though you’re actually reading them for the sex and everyone knows it. Mary was actually saying, “you two know that Starz is just porn, right?” To which Katie responded, “Yes.”

Then Katie said, “It’s porn with fluffy shirts and gladiator sandals, it’s fine.”

Then we laughed, but Katie was 100% on board with the idea of a nurse from 1945 who goes back in time and helps the Jacobites and has sex with a perfect Highlander.

Because who wouldn’t be OK with that as a concept? I don’t know. I do know that I’m not sure that I’m OK with how much addicted I am because I still haven’t decided if I like it.

But, there was no point in pretending I wasn’t going to be obsessed with it. No point at all.


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