Doctor Who Thoughts: “Into The Dalek”

Doctor Who

While there is just about nothing I love more in the world than the lazy days and nights spent at the beach house my family rents for a week every summer, it was hard to leave you dear readers, behind. (The drinking helps me feel better about it…so much drinking.) And it was really hard to wait three days to watch “Into The Dalek.”

It was a better plot than we’ve seen in a while. The Doctor is travelling on his own a bit, and saves a young soldier, who is of course immediately angry that he didn’t save her brother. They fight about this and then he brings her to her mother ship, The Aristotle. Turns out that there’s an injured Dalek on board, calling for The Doctor. But unlike the other Dalek’s we’ve encountered, this one wants to kill all other Daleks. So that’s interesting. Meanwhile, back at Coal Hill School, Clara is teaching and flirting with new boy Danny Pink.

This means that Danny is either blessed with being a Rory or cursed as a Mickey. We shall see.

The Doctor comes to fetch her and off she goes. Turns out she hasn’t seen him since Glasgow as he’s been distracted, but he insists that he can’t do this whole Dalek thing without her. They go, they get minutarized and run around the Dalek. It turns out that this Dalek (quickly nicknamed “Rusty”) saw a star born and realized that there was no use in a Dalek way of life. The Doctor and Clara are thrilled¬†that a Dalek could develop such feelings and then of course, once cured, Rusty calls many Daleks to it’s aid.

The Doctor and Clara eventually redeem Rusty who then fights the rest of them and tells the Doctor that he would be a good Dalek. The Doctor assures him that this is not what he wants, that his own hatred isn’t a victory, but only if the Dalek had truly been good would he have counted it as a victory.

So, what did I think? Still totally loving on 12. He’s great. Capaldi is killing it, and seeing more of Clara’s life without the Doctor was a lot of fun. And I’m curious about what’s going to happen with Danny, who we’ve been told is a new companion already. Given the Doctor and it turns out Clara’s distaste for soldiers, the fact that Danny is a vet working through PTSD is going to be an interesting story engine for the show. And also I like the idea of Clara having a boyfriend.

Over all I was happy with the episode, and while it was never going to be as strong as “Asylum of The Daleks” and of course, this whole season stands in the shadow of “The Day of The Doctor,” but it was a strong second outing and I really do love the whole, “pop in,” element of the companion. It’s a good status quo that’s been in place since Amy and Rory, and plays up the “alien” nature of the Doctor a lot. While it was one of my favorite things about Ten was the way that he was accepted as Rose’s weird boyfriend by Jackie and Donna’s strange friends by her mother and grandfather, and as a stranger to completely distrust (and not without reason) by Martha’s family, it was cool that we knew nothing about Amy and Rory’s life and though we’re getting peeks at Clara’s because through the eyes of the Doctor, their lives mean little outside of adventure.

But we’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Thoughts: “Into The Dalek”

  1. “I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.”

    I took something different away from that comment than you did, I think. It could have been another ‘the doctor hates Daleks, making him a beautiful example of hatred to their warped sensibilities’ moment, but there was already one of those in this episode and it’s been done in the past as well. So I took Rusty’s meaning to be something like the Doctor’s own definition of a “good Dalek.”
    Something like, “I can’t quite buck my Dalek nature and become good, but you can, Doctor.”
    Maybe I’m too optimistic even for Doctor Who,


    • I can see how it could be interpreted that way, but given the Doctor’s immediate crestfallen reaction, I don’t think that’s how we’re supposed to see it. At least not yet, like I said, I’m so used to seeing everything through The Doctor’s eyes, since that’s how the last few seasons have been, this season is going to be interesting.


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