Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 8/27/2013

So it’s the last comics wrap up of summer. Definitely going to keep these coming, mostly because it’s easy, but also because it makes me focus a little bit more on the books and think vaguely critically about them.

But anyway, that’s an explanation or another day when I’m not on vacation and super hung over.

So let’s dive in.

photo (26)

All New X-Men #31

In the Ultimate Universe Tony Stark and some kid are talking about an interdimensional doorway that the kid built. But then it collapses in on itself. Then Warren and Laura show up and everyone knows that they’ve been, well, you know, but Warren won’t share the details, and Laura is embarrassed but of course her embarassment manifests in her like being really surly and violent because she’s Laura. Jean tries to be friends and bond, but Laura won’t have it. Anyway, Hank starts playing around with portals too, and the original five wind up searching for mutants. But then Jean lands in the Ultimate Universe smack dab in the middle of New York and in front of Miles Morales! Yay!

The Amazing Spider-Man #1.4: “Learning to Crawl: Part 4”

Peter has started his career as a photographer. Spider-Man is kind of not happening at all anymore. Clash is still annoyed that everyone thinks he’s a Spider-Man rip off, so he obviously attacks the Daily Bugle, and Spider-Man fights him. Jameson declares Clash the real menace and Peter cries on Uncle Ben’s grave. So that’s where we are.

Avengers #34: “The Last Avenger”

Cap reaches the end of time and talks to Krang about infinity gems. He reclaims the time gem and goes back to his own time and hooks up with Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and some others who I don’t really know and declares that they have to take out The Illuminati. There are also some fights with Krang. Look, I just can’t wait until Avengers gets to the status quo it needs to be at so that Sam and whoever picks up the hammer are in the Avengers, I’m glad the time travel storyline is over, because it was starting to wear thin. It was very cool though. Also, this is title is a fun one.

Guardians of The Galaxy #18

Gamora has Peter tied up and is asking him about why he’s failed to kill Thanos, and what happened to Richard Ryder, who is of course a Nova, and comics original Nova. Anyway, Ryder and Peter fought Thanos in the Cancerverse and got a hold of the Cosmic Cube. Then Drax (who they thought was dead, but wasn’t) joined the fight. Then the cube took control of Peter and now we have to wait a month to find out what happened. Which is a major bummer.

Thor And Loki: The Tenth Realm #4

Thor is being tortured by the Queen of Heven as Loki takes her forces to attack Asgaurd. Angela realizes that something fishy may be going on, but also vows never to leave Heven again. Thor brings a thunder storm to Heven which causes chaos because of course it does. Meanwhile, Loki is just using the soldiers of Heven to get to Asgard and find Odin. So that’s fun. Now Odin’s in the game and things are more than likely going to change.

So that’s this week. No posts for the next two days, because VACATION! (In a beach house with no web access.) See you on Wednesday!


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