So what’s next Marshmallows?

Veronica Mars

I didn’t know what I was going to write about for today’s post. I know I start off that way far too often. My I didn’t feel like going to see Sin City or watching Assault On Arkham, both of which I know I need to get to. So, I was flipping through the channels, hoping for some kind of inspiration, and luckily Veronica Mars was on HBO.

Like I said, I worry about what the Veronica Mars revival will do for a lot of other pop culture that should have been put to bed, but I love the series and it’s world enough that I can put my misgivings aside and just enjoy that I’m getting new content to obsess over. And the movie is proving to be more satisfying each time I watch it. (I think this was watch number 6? I stopped counting.) And that means that I get more and more excited for the upcoming bits and pieces we’re getting as a fandom.

Obviously, there’s the new book. I really enjoyed The Ten Thousand Dollar Tan Line, and I’m interested in seeing what happens in Mr. Kiss And Tell, due to hit my Kindle on October 28. I don’t have any scoopy plot details because I want to be surprised, but I’m excited to see who comes back (Please be Duncan, Please be Duncan!) what mystery V has to solve and what’s next for our whole gang.

But that’s not the big news and I think any V-Mars fan knows that it’s not. I mean, the books are news and they are awesome. But they’re not what the big news is.

The bigs news is Play It Again, Dick, which is the web series that Rob Thomas promised us back in the kickstarter days. The show was always going to be for Ryan Hansen, and was always going to be about Dick Casablancas. But that was all we knew.

Now we know more and it’s all so beautiful.

Play It Again, Dick is going to be about Ryan Hansen (the actor) trying to put together his own Veronica Mars  spin off about Dick. It will center on his fundraising efforts and trying to recruit his old cast mates. Just about everyone but Teddy Dunn is attached (although there will apparently be a replacement Duncan, which HILARIOUS!) It’s going to be fun, and funny and everything that we could want.

I should explain that the reason that I didn’t write about this earlier is because I got all of my fangirl gushing about it out a few hours after I learned the information, as I hung out with Nancy Sue that night.

Anyway, I’m excited for both of these things, and I will cover them in detail when they come out. But for now. See you around.


2 thoughts on “So what’s next Marshmallows?

    • It is definitely a good one for rewatching, and I realized, so deep a world, that I think that’s why I don’t get sick of it. There are so many roads to go down, so I’m like, yeah, Rob Thomas let’s check out those roads!


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