Time To Get Personal: On Girly-ness

The inception of this post was going to be talking about the podcasts that I’ve been listening to, and why I like them, why other people should check them out, and that sort of thing.

Then I listened to Less Than Live With Kate Or Die, Kate Lethe’s amazing podcast about comics and feminism and funny things, and I realized that:

  1. I listen to a lot of podcasts that are just dudes talking about comedy
  2. I don’t know when I became that person.

So I actively started seeking out podcasts that were hosted by women, and of course stuck with Kate, started listening to Call Chelsea Peretti, and reaffirmed my love for Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend. But the main thing that I’m loving about Kate’s podcast, twitter and tumblr is that I’m starting to find more people who are into the things that I’m into, and are women and enjoy them as women.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really, really, girly. And it’s for that reason that I kind of kept my mouth shut up my love of geek culture for a long time. Because even though I knew other girls that were into those things, (One of my college roommates, Beth, especially.) those kick ass awesome women weren’t so much into like shopping, and shoes, and glitter. So I convinced myself that these were two aspects of my personality that just didn’t belong together.

There was Reenie who liked to be girly, and Reenie who like superheroes, and Star Wars, never the twain shall meet.

Then Doctor Who came into my life and I realized, maybe not everything has to be separated, because women love this show, and they love it the way I watched women love One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl. But still, it took another two years for me to realize that these girls and women are out there in every fandom I’m into!

And while yes, the fabulous ladies on the internet I’ve been tracking lately are a part of it, there are also amazing women in my life, who over the past two years or so, I’ve realized fangirl hard on various things.

Aless, obviously. But I’ve talked about that. You guys know our origin story. But, Lisa, one of my best friends from my second senior year of college, another Whovian, but also super into Marvel stuff. Joanna, one of the TomFools, is a massive Star Wars fangirl. My sister, Mary, is obviously my foremost authority on all things Coheed & Cambria and I defy anyone to go toe to toe with her when it comes to Harry Potter. My friend Sumona, who you have to tap if you want to know about comedy or YA Literature. Nancy Sue, there for all things Veronica Mars, and Katherine for TV, just TV in general. Christine, my cousin’s wife for A Song of Ice And Fire. I could keep going.

This isn’t to dismiss the other women in my life, the more, for lack of a better term, Tom-Boyishish ones who also love these kinds of things. Chrissy, Beth as I mentioned before, Jen. I love nerding out with these women, I love living life with these women, but these were also the women who looked at me and rolled their eyes as I staggered out in my way too high heels, or looked at me blankly when I discussed Anna Wintour’s influence on my life. (Massive, hugely massive!)

So I’m really happy that I’ve found my niche here. I’ll wear my Her Universe dresses and talk about shipping and keep campaigning for Black Widow, Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman. I’m going to keep watching Sailor Moon and sing the praises of Gail Simone! And I’m going to hug the women in my life. I’m going to love them for the ways they’re the same as me and different than me, and for accepting who I am.

So, that’s what I’m feeling at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Time To Get Personal: On Girly-ness

  1. I love everything about this post – because I often feel the same way. It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by men almost constantly – my best friends are all male. Until recently it was always hard for me to reconcile the fact that I love Hello Kitty, enjoy shopping (when I have money – otherwise it’s an exercise in masochism) love my neon pink sunglasses, and would kill for that perfect pair of sparkly shoes with the fact that my intellectual and fandom interests are so typically “male” or “tomboyish” (ex. Military history and WWII war crimes are my main research interests; favorite fandom from childhood: Gundam – nothing beats giant anthropomorphic war machines blowing shit up). Good to know I’m not alone.


    • I was really lucky in my intellectual pursuits. English Literature is SUPER female friendly.

      But yeah, it’s this weird disconnected. Funny though, that my insecurity came from the opposite, I was around women constantly, and since none of them were openly into my fandom stuff I just assumed that women didn’t like them.


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