Batman Eternal17-20

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Can you believe how fast these months come and go? So here we are in yet another month of, trying to figure out who framed Jim Gordon, lots of punching, some truly adorable Jason and Barbara moments and of course one giant Spoiler alert.

So, we learned more about Deacon Blackfire and Joker’s Daughter in 17, and thankfully, Batwing and Spectre put the hurt on him. Meanwhile, Julia and Alfred fought some more about his career choices and really? How much longer do we have to put up with this? When is she going to figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Also, Harper and Tim torture a monkey, but sadly do not kiss.

In 18, we learn that a bunch of sweatshop kids are making Batman figures, who in Portuguese, Jason calls, “Vampire Hero,” which is frankly, the cutest thing in the entire world. Jason Bard is arresting anyone who looks at him wrong, and Julia goes to a punk show. Bard and Batman head down into the sewers to find killer croc, which makes for a cool fight. I love Croc in a big way, and Gordon worries now that Penguin and Falcone are in lock up with him. Jason, is of course, royally not cool with this sweatshop thing, because he’s Jason. Also, he tells Kate that there’s no stopping Batgirl because she’s fighting for her father.

Which makes 19 just that much better. After being hypnotized, Barbara starts hallucinating that Jason is The Joker and starts beating the snot out of him. This is an incredible scene. And when Jason manages to talk her down they hug and it’s great. I like that these two are getting along better these days. I also like that Jason remembers that on first meeting one another, Barbara told Jason that “you’re not Dick Grayson and you never will be.” Which is true, but totally harsh. Also, there’s a prison riot.

During the prison riot, Leo The Lion, who is sharing a cell with Gordon rips out some guys throats with his teeth, which was needlessly graphic. This isn’t Wonder Woman, I’m not interested in seeing that here. Croc leads Batman and Bard to some masked bad guy, and an interdimensional portal, which, eh, fine. I don’t need extra dimensions in this story, they’re everywhere else. Anyway, some assassin kills the South American witness, but Batwoman got all the evidence they needed anyway. Again there’s a super cute scene where Jason and Barbara hug and he’s playing with a “vampire hero” action figure. Seriously, loving their vibe.

So that’s this month’s Eternal. I wish I had more to say about it, and you’d think that I would given the Babs and Jason centric nature of the last few issues.


Did I not mention that Stephanie is now officially Spoiler?

So yeah, with a big splashy splash page on the end of #20, we get Stephanie Brown, back in full purple and black, face covered, the whole deal. Cluemaster beware, your sixteen year old daughter is on it.

So that’s where we are. Seriously, I had trouble following the main Gotham plot and I think there’s something happening in Blackgate with Harper and Cullen’s dad, which I could care less about. But mostly, Jason and Barbara, working through their issues, hallucinating the joke, and of course, Spoiler.



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