Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 8/20/2014

I kepp recounting my Marvel books this week because I was sure that I had lost one. But, nope, they’re all here. It helps that it was a Kamala week, so that’s one down much earlier. Anyway, getting this written up was hard for me because of Doctor Who. But that’s tomorrow. It’s time to dive in.

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New Avengers #23: “All The Angels Have Fallen”

So Namor blew up the Not-Justice League, and everyone’s really mad at him about it. They all realize that the next incursion is going to destroy them, so they go to spend their last days as they need to. Banner sits on the grand canyon toasting to the fact that The Hulk will finally be gone. Tony pours out an entire bottle of booze into a row of shot glasses and refuses to be mastered by the bottle. (This is awesome.) T’Challa goes to see Storm and tells her that he would always love her. (This will always be my favorite.) Reed goes to see Val, and Black Bolt hangs out with Lockjaw for a little while. But of course, the incursion DOESN’T happen because Namor has assembled a bunch of Supervillains to stop it. So that’ll be fun.

Nova #20: “Chapter XX: The Truth About Black Hats”

Sam and Rocket are poisoned but the outsmart Adomax and get away, but not before Sam learns that his father wasn’t a murderer and that The Black Novas were what he initially thought they were, a sort of cosmic Green Berets, that will do the messier things but are on the side of the angels. Also, Jesse, totally alive and fighting as a Chitauri gladiator. So that’ll be fun, when they get together. Oh right, and Cosmo was there, which was fun.

Original Sins #5: “How The World Works,”

While questioning The Orb, Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan talk about the good old days. Turns out Dum Dum’s been a LMD since the mid sixties and Nick just didn’t have the heart to tell him. Nick Fury is sort of a dick, huh?

In Young Avengers, they managed to use Cerebrat to code all of the Watcher’s secrets so that they can’t be decoded. Except Prodigy is trying? I think.

Then there was a bunch of characters confessing their secrets to Nick Fury. It was lovely and funny and smart.

Storm #2: 

Wait so are Ororo and Logan a couple? Did I miss something? They do an awful lot of making out and hand holding in this issue and I’m not sure I’m on board. I mean, he’ll be dead soon anyway, so who cares, but, really? Anyway, in crime fighting, Storm decides to track down a missing girl who it turns out is happy where she is. Look, if this whole series is going to be “Storm tries to help people and is told she’s misguided” I’m going to be really disappointed. Not how I want to see my childhood favorite being used.

Daredevil #7

This was probably my favorite book all week, including Translucid and Ms. Marvel. As Matt goes to Wakanda to save his mother and the other nuns, he immediately confronts the queen, trades the women for the guy who captured them and has a killer fight with some guards to boot. On the flight home, Matt and Maggie talk. He asks why she left, waiting to hear the worst story of his father. It turns out Matt had it wrong. His father protected him from his mother, who’s post partum was so bad all she could think of was killing herself and her son. So she ran away, but fought off suicidal thoughts for a long time, overcoming them by putting her faith in God and finding a central purpose in her life. I loved this book. Post Partum has become something that people talk about more, but it’s still this weird thing that people don’t.

Anyway, that was this week! See you all on Tuesday, for Batman Eternal wrap up!


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