DC Comics Wrap Up: August 20, 2014

I had a lot of fun with comics this week, which is great, because I love that the books I read are starting to be a lot more fun. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve gotten to know the books better, or because I’ve found what I like, or what, but I haven’t been bored reading a comic in a few weeks.

But I love it. I’m really happy. ANYWAY, let’s dive in.

photo (23)

Teen Titans #2: “Blinded By The Light”

Beast Boy has decided to start photobombing as Grumpy Cat and that’s pretty much everything about the character that I hate. (I know, I know OK? I just hate him.) But Bunker is pretty cool and when Beast Boy tries to get him to mellow out, I’ve seen that conversation happen between people I love. It felt very real. Meanwhile, Tim is hanging upside down in a hospital questioning one of the terrorists, because Tim Drake takes no prisoners. A girl walking down the street gets attack and a gang of girls dressed as Wonder Girl, but way more practical take  and maybe Cassie should take a page out of their book, save her. Manchester Black has something to do with Star Labs, which then blows up. Bunker and Beast Boy take care of things. Then Raven goes to a punk concert, and Cassie’s mom something. I don’t know. TIM hanging UPSIDE DOWN questioning TERRORISTS! Best!

Supergirl #34: “The Girl Who Fell To Earth”

At first I had major issues with this cover and then I realized that it looked like an old romance comic cover and decided it was brilliant. Anyway, after falling through the Kryptonite sky Kara is found by a guy named Michael who shelters her in a bunker. Also she has a new haircut, which is um, well, there’s a lot of bangs…anyway she and Michael bond and she decides to go save his parents. She does and they kiss and it’s a pretty cool gender reversal thing going on. (He jokes about rewarding her with the kiss.) And then they all get hit by the Brainiac beams. I like Michael, but also…she’s teaming up with Jason soon…so….yeah. I’m just saying, I may be hypothetically shipping something that hasn’t happened yet….

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1

No one but Gail Simone should be writing Wonder Woman. This story is so frickin perfect. Batman is incapacitated in some way, so Oracle calls on Wonder Woman to defend Gotham City. After nearly being beaten, she teams up with Harley Quinn and Catwoman to beat the bad guys. She ties them all up in her lasso and the pure truth burns them. In the end, the Batsignal changes to a WW and it’s pretty great. The backup story is about a little kid who tells his friends that Wonder Woman is his favorite Superhero and they make fun of him for liking a girl best. Diana shows up and asks just what’s wrong with that? It’s a cute little story and reminds me what I love about this character. It’s so good.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #34: “Lost And Found”

Jason and Roy know they have to find Kori before she does something awful, which is kill the man who sold her into slavery. He’s repented since, but she’s ready for revenge. The guys talk her out of it and she tells them she’ll never forgive them. It’s sad. The guy kills himself before they can take him in, and then Kori goes to their bunker and takes some kind of drug and winds up passed out on a beach. Which is weird. I’m not sure what’s happening there but it’s a beautiful image of her. Really beautiful.

Future’s End #16

Stormguard is beating up vets who have PTSD to cure their PTSD? I don’t know. I didn’t really understand that part. Fifty Sue has adopted Lana as her Mom, which is good for Lana, so that she no longer has to be down there. They are no longer hunting stealth OMACS, which is a bummer. Mr. Terrrfic talks to his computer who it turns out is one of those cyborgs. Woops. Lois is all driving crazy to get a story, which is so our girl! Then Superman and Rampage are fighting. In space, Frankenstein is worried because he hasn’t dreamed and they see the first converted human. Look, I’m grateful for this story getting me into the store every week, but I’m ready for it to be over, in a big way.

The Multiversity #1

The Monitor! Haunted Comic Books that are doorways to other worlds! Nix Uotan Superjudge! Talking Monkeys! Thunderer of Earth 7! Captain Carrot! The Gentry, monsters that look like Mike Wazowski destorying multiple worlds! Superman of Earth-23! Fake Avengers! SO MUCH MORRISON! I had such a huge grin on my face as I read this book. I can’t wait to explore the multiverse as the months go on!

Batman & Robin #34: “Robin Rises: Ties That Bind”

Bruce has called Barbara, Tim and Jason to The Batcave to talk about the fact that the family needs to stand together because he’s going to Apokolips to get Damian. They each offer to go with him, and he tells them that he needs them to protect Gotham and that from now on there aren’t going to be any secrets between them, and it’s a really touching moment, until, DICK DROPS DOWN FROM THE CEILING and right, they still think he’s dead. So, basically, Bruce is a big fat liar. Dick promises to become Batman again, and it’s really nice. Dick uses Spyral’s resources to create problems for the rest of the Justice League so that Bruce can steal the hellbat. In the end, he goes because Lex Luthor lets him. I can’t wait to see Damian again.

So that’s this week! I’ll talk to you all about Marvel tomorrow!


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