Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 8/13/2014

Hey everyone. I want to say that I was in tech this week, so getting comics read and written up was a little bit more of a challenge than usual, but it’s all fine and I got it done. Yay!

So let’s talk Marvel, even if it’s only briefly.

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Original Sin #7: “Nick Fury Vs. The World”

Old Nick Fury now has all The Watchers powers and is fighting basically all of the superheroes ever. But hey, here’s a thing that happened! Fury whispered something in Thor’s ear that made him unworthy. He can no longer lift the hammer! This is important. Anyway, turns out all of The Watchers have now gathered over Earth. Really can’t wait to see how this all turns out. The sooner Original Sin is over, the better as far as I’m concerned, too many twists.

Nova Special #1: “No End In Sight Part 3 of 3”

I hadn’t picked up the first two parts because I don’t read Iron Man or Uncanny X-Men, but I picked up the story. Basically, Sam and Monark have Scott Summers, and Monark is trying to ransom him. Some newer X-Men don’t like this plan. Neither does Iron Man, I guess, anyway, everything gets sorted out with no fighting and it was sort of dull and Sam stared out into the distance, wondering what his fate would be and what it means to be a hero. He’s been doing that a lot lately.

Hulk #5

Super smart Hulk is runnig around smashing things. He gets into fights and everyone is confused when he isn’t Bruce Banner. He builds a time portal and goes and steels Ultron’s head in order to create a cure for Gamma Poisoning, and it’s really bad ass and cool and COMICS! I don’t want to see all the Hulks get cured, but this should be a pretty fun little adventure.

Deadpool #33: “Out The Window”

We saved Ellie! But she’s still in danger, because apparently that she’s some kind of savior child. Meanwhile, we didn’t hear from Vampire Wife of Dazzler except that Deadpool talked to them on the phone. Lots of blood and killing and quips which was great. In the end Agent Preston took Ellie in and Deadpool bought the house across the street. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Captain Marvel #6: “Higher, Further, Faster, More: Part Six”

Carol fight the Spartax single handedly and humiliates J’son and gives Jackie a mix tape. A MIX TAPE PEOPLE! It’s been two weeks and we’re already getting Guardians movie references in our comic books. And really, there’s no reason for Carol not to be in Guardians 2 you know? Anyway, it’s just so cute and fun and awesome and I love it so much.

All New X-Men # 30

Warren and Laura went off on a date and got into a barfight and then had some sex at one of his houses and it’s really fun and great and I’m super glad that I didn’t give up on this book. Laura asks Warren why he likes her, and he’s like “cause I do.” Back at secret Xavier school Teenage Jean and Emma are having a psychic fight to get Jean to learn about her powers. Everyone is commenting about it. Kitty is have a hologram date with Peter Quill and they’re cute even though not my ship. Then Beast, Storm and Ice Man show up and say that everyone has to come to Westchester to help with some problem that I won’t be reading.

Amazing Spider-Man #5

What is Black Cat’s deal man? Anyway, she’s killing a bunch of people and trying to get her reputation back. Whatever, I find this storyline boring. What’s not boring? Peter and Cindy who seem to be incapable of keeping their hands off of each other. But they also don’t even like each other very much and it’s pretty great. When Anna Maria catches them on the ceiling making out it’s pretty great. Peter is about to be interviewed on TV and gives J. Jonah Jameson a hug, and Electro and Black Cat threaten to unmask him on TV and Cindy kicks some butt. But really, Peter and Cindy and the sex you guys.

Captain America #23

Even super old Steve Rogers kicks all kinds of ass. Avengers Mansion gets broken into by Ian Rogers, which is great, because we thought he was dead. And Sharon, who also isn’t dead, is being imprisoned by Zola. But the Avengers and Falcon are on it. So much fun! I have a feeling that Ian might not be thrilled about Sam taking the shield moving forward, or at least, that’s how I would do this story (One of the reasons I won’t be doing that story).

Amazing X-Men #10: “World War Wendigo Part 3”

Everyone’s fighting the Wendigos and it’s fun. Northstar saves a kid, and Alpha Flight, and there’s a speedball special, and since this is a middle segment of an arc, there’s not a whole lot of plot. But I do love this book every month, it’s so much fun.

So that’s Marvel this week. Sorry about the lack of detail. See you next week, which is of course big comics week. It’s Translucid and Ms. Marvel.


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