DC Comics Wrap Up: 8/13/2014

Alright guys! Let’s talk comics. Let talk ending runs, and heading into every one’s Future’s End, and Multiversity and all of that.

Or we could just talk about what happened this week, which had oh so much Batman, more Batman than I knew what to do with!

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Batman #34: “The Meek”

Zero Year is over, and Endgame hasn’t started yet, which leaves “The Meek” in a sort of gorgeous one shot limbo. A serial killer is going after Leslie Thompkins patients and Batman, being a little overwhelmed what with all of his allies being in jail, or pretending their dead, or actually being dead, or becoming crime kingpins, decides that he needs a win and goes after the guy. It’s a really good story and there are elements of it that are Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo at their absolute best, describing this moment in Batman’s life as “the eye of a hurricane,” I really can’t wait to see how Endgame plays out.

Batgirl #34: “Crash and Burn”

So it’s time to say goodbye to Gail Simone, and get ready to let in Batgirl of Burnside, but first, things had to wrap up with Knightfall. Barbara, Dinah and Helena go to take her on, meanwhile, like every B-Lister in the DCU fights a score of Gotham Supervillains that Knightfall unleashed. Barbara wins, of course she does. But it’s interesting that she does it by showing Knightfall a picture of her family and asking if she wants to leave a dark legacy for them. Also, it turns out Barbara didn’t kill James Jr., which we knew. And then everybody hugs and she realizes that it’s time to make changes. She tells Alysia that she’s moving out. And also she’s getting a kick ass new outfit.

Birds of Prey #34: “Things Fall Apart”

If Batgirl ended in triumph, Birds had the saddest ending I could think of. After Dinah and Waller fought about Dinah’s husband, who still doesn’t remember her, but is also gone now, the rest of the birds and the suicide squad work together. Meanwhile, Barbara gets mad at Dinah because of reasons and everyone leaves barely speaking to one another. It’s lame and annoying and I hate it, and I’m really going to miss this book.

Justice League United #4: “Justice League Canada: Conclusion”

Martian Manhunter adopts Uber. Green Arrow and Animal Man talk. Star Girl and Supergirl talk. Supergirl doesn’t like Star Girl’s happy go lucky attitude, which really shouldn’t be that surprising, since Kara is kind of a pill lately. Turns out that Adam and Alanna were secretly married but because of space something they can’t be on the same planet. So that’s going to be hard. Alanna finds Miyahbin, and they meet up with the rest of the team and they pick the name, “Justice League United.”

Future’s End #15

Masked Superman is edgy and swears and resents having to save small children when he could be punching bad guys. Also he’s a Dick to Lois. Ugh. Masked Superman is the worst. In Space, Hawkman and Princess Amethyst flirt while Frankenstein hibernates. On OMAC island, Deathstroke and Grifter have a fight. It turns out that Mr. Miracle has been breaking out of the prison which is pretty fun and great, and he’s awesome. Constantine and Midge talk to some guys who saw a robot fall out of the sky.

Superman/WonderWoman #11: “Last Sun Chapter 2: Assimilation”

You know what’s weird about this issue of Superman/Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman is barely in it! Anyway, everyone is fighting Brainiac, and then Wonder Woman makes a deal with Mongul to give him War World if he’ll help defeat Brainiac, also Superman hulks out again and this is getting really old right? We’re almost done.

World’s Finest #26: “World’s End”

Helena and Karen got home, but it’s burning and everything is terrible. I do get the feeling that this story is going to tie into both Future’s End and Multiversity is a big way. The explosion of Starr Labs gave  a girl powers and Karen willed her the name, “Power Girl.” So that’s going to be fun, I think. I really, really, am looking forward to see where this goes, and with Birds gone this is going to be the only place for Girly Fun Team Up Action, at least in DC.

Alright! See you all tomorrow for Marvel!


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