One Hundred Feet And A Whole New World

100 Foot Journey

I like to take a breath between blockbusters sometimes and watch romantic comedies.

Do you want to know what’s better than a standard romantic comedy?

A romantic comedy about tension in immigrant families. (See My Fat Greek Wedding)

Also better?

A romantic comedy set in Europe! (See, Roman Holiday)

And really, really great?

A romantic comedy about food. (Simply Irresistible, a little known Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle where she cooks with magic crab meat.)

So obviously, I was pretty psyched about The One Hundred Foot Journey, which combined all three of those. The basic plot isn’t complicated, the Kadam family moves from Mumbai, India to Europe after losing their mother and family restaurant in a fire. Middle son Hassan is a gifted cook, and when they buy a restaurant in a small French village, a mere 100 feet from a well known Michelin recognized bistro, Hassan discovers that his gift can be translated to classic french cuisine. Meanwhile, Maison Mumbai flourishes, despite a bickering war between Madame Mallory the owner of the bistro and the patriarch of the Kadam family. Also, Hassan develops an infatuation with Margurite, one of Madame Mallory’s sous chefs.

The food looks awesome, and inspired me to cook on Saturday night, which is a rarity, since I was home by myself, and that generally means take out, but I am trying to save some money. Anyway, there’s a B story about Papa Kadam and Madame Mallory falling in love, but the movie really is Hassan’s story about finding where he belongs in the world.

The food is glorious and this is my second favorite movie about food this movie season. (Seriously? I did not think I would type that sentence ever.) It was just a nice simple movie about family, and food, and falling in love in the french countryside.

This movie is almost oppressively simple, but it was exactly what I needed in the moment that I was watching it, and I will probably watch it over and over again on cable, even though I don’t really do that much anymore.

Anyway, I didn’t make Indian Food, or French Cuisine, I made chicken bacon mac and cheese (which is of course one of the three things I can make!) But since I think the lesson of the movie was to make food that you’re passionate about, and the is literally no food I am more passionate about than my chicken bacon mac and cheese, I think it was a good pick.

  1. Guardians of The Galaxy
  2. Godzilla
  3. Chef
  4. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  5. The 100 Foot Journey
  6. How To Train Your Dragon 2
  7. Lucy
  8. Jersey Boys
  9. Maleficent
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


OK, I was flat out weeping at the How The Game Stood Tall trailer, and I’ve seen it several times before, that one was weird. But I really can’t wait to see that movie.

Into The Woods again. Didn’t hit me quite as hard this time, but it really does just look spectacular doesn’t it?

The Cinderella trailer is pretty cool, even if it doesn’t show us anything about the movie.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! I loved that movie! I love that Richard Gere is in the sequel. I would watch Judi Dench and Maggie Smith be frenimies all day long. Just all day! And Dev Patel. All day!


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