Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 8/6/2014

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I became a Marvel person. I’ve always been a DC girl. My whole life, it was Batman and Superman. But lately, I’m all Avengers, and Captain Marvel and Guardians. It’s a weird shift. I mean they still don’t have Batman, but other than that, yeah, I’m a Marvel person.

So let’s talk about Marvel!

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Disney Kingdoms Figment #3: “Journey Into Imagination Part 3”

Blair and Figment have been captured by the Sound Sprites because they are out of tune. They get thrown in prison with Fye The Flawed, a sprite whose powers work in reverse of the other sprites. Blair is worried and Figment tries to cheer Fye up. Back in London, that Robot the chairman summoned has a robot army. I have a feeling that they’ll be fighting them soon. Then Blair uses his imagination to break them out of prison and they fight the sprites. Chimera saves them, but they wind up on the border of The Nightmare nation. This book is so happy and fun and I love it.

Rocket Raccoon #2: “A Chasing Tale Part 2”

Rocket is shouting movie and TV quotes at the cops and getting drunk. Rocket gets himself into prison and makes friends with inmates and grows Groot to break out. The scene where they break out is a lot of fun, and no one seems to believe Rocket that there is another Raccoon, after all, he spends a lot of timing bragging about how he’s the only one of his kind. Anyway, the other Raccoon seems peeved he broke out and kills another guy. Meanwhile, Rocket’s ex-girlfriends have gathered their ships to attack him. There’s so much fun to be had her.

She-Hulk #7

Jen gets hired by a guy who invented a shrink ray to find his partner. She obviously enlists Hank Pym to help her find the guy. They shrink down, and have some adventures fighting bugs, birds and cats. They find the guy and it turns out that his partner wanted to sell their shrink ray to Hank, but he didn’t want to. Hank explains that the tech is good but unstable and he wants to help them to fix it. Jen helps them with the paperwork, because there’s nothing like lawyering to get her in a good mood. Then Captain America shows up at the office. And even all old and stuff, I love that Steve’s still hot and makes all the girls giggle.

Black Widow #9: “Friend From Foe”

Natasha breaks into a boat! I love that this series is basically just her breaking into various vehicles. It’s so great. Anyway, she meets up with The Punisher, and this is supposed to be a crossover, but I don’t care enough about him to read his end of this story. She kicks some butts, steals some intel and parts ways with Castle. She’s starting to get it together on the CHAOS thing, so that’ll be good.

Legendary Star-Lord #2: 

Peter’s been taking in by his sister, Victoria, for a bounty. I feel like Thor and Peter need to have a drink and talk about their sister issues. She’s disgusted by him and his jokes and general Peter-ness, but they manage to work out a deal, and they get away and steel the money from the bounty hunters. But their fight, which is entirely verbal is pretty spectacular. Peter thinks Victoria is a spoiled brat who got everything from J’son. She thinks he’s an irresponsible tool, which he kind of is. Also, she points out that there’s a world of difference between an illegitimate son and a bastard daughter, especially one who’s black. But once she insults the Guardians of The Galaxy he’s has enough. After they escape he decides he’s going to earth. I presume to go on a date with Kitty Pryde and we meet his villain, Mr. Knife.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4

So, last month, Miles told Katie that he was Spider-Man, and she freaked. This month’s issue opened with her going and talking to her sister about it. Her sister advises Katie to dump Miles immediately, for her own safety. This is the best advice any superhero girlfriend has ever gotten. Ever! Anyway, Miles is outside of Peter Parker’s house and fighting The Green Goblin and then “Peter” shows up and they both get arrested. Aunt May and Gwen and MJ are pretty freaked out about this, and rightly so. But Aunt May, with tears streaming down her face assures Gwen that that is totallyPeter. So we’ll see what’s happening here.

New Avengers #22: “We Are Not Brothers”

Turns out Namor’s a dick, but I think we all knew that. He lied to Thanos to say that there were infinity stones in Wakanda in order to level it. And he doesn’t regret it. So Black Panther’s going to kill him, but of course, all of the ghost Black Panthers have already disowned him for not wanting to kill Namor. So that’s kind of the worst. For Black Panther. I think Namor’s probably OK with it.

Hulk Vs. Iron Man #4

Man, I hope I get a chance to read #2, not that I think I missed very much. Basically the same thing as usual here. Hulk and Iron Man fight. Hulk knocks Iron Man out, they go to the desert. They talk. Turns out that way back when Tony messed with the gamma bomb, he prevented it from destroying the world or whatever. Anyway, they’re friends again. Hulk is really smart, but not Banner? It’s confusing. Anyway, its good.

Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #3

Hey! Angela might not be their sister after all. Or at least the queen of heaven is pretending she isn’t in front of Angela. Thor and Angela fight, there are some speeches. Loki has turned himself into an Angel. Presumably to mess with Thor in some way. This book is great.

So that’s this week. See y’all next week!


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