Sailor Moon Check In: Pretty Guardians

Ok, remember how I said I wasn’t sure how I was going to cover the deep deep love I am developing for Sailor Moon, and I’ve decided that I’m going to do it with these periodic “Check Ins” summarizing where exactly I am at whatever point I’m at. It’ll be a sporadic feature, much like YJLU, but with less analysis and more squeeing.

I feel like that should be my new slogan: “Less Analysis: More Squeeing.”

We’ve come a long way since “Because Girls Geek Out Too!” (Terrible…so  bad.)

Anyway, Sailor Moon, where are we?

We are not here yet, unfortunately.

We are not here yet, unfortunately.

Well, I’m obsessed, as I mentioned earlier in the week. I’ve blown through the first 5 volumes of the manga, and I’m waiting to pick up the 6th until I can get 7-12, and also because there are so many other things I should be reading, after all, yesterday I picked up some of my favorite comics series, I still haven’t read The One, the finale of The Selection series, which came out months ago. I was hoping to reread The Giver before the movie and The Mark of The Midnight Manzilla, the new Pink Carnation book came out on Tuesday. So, I’m waiting on that. But I love it so much. I just got to the point where Chibi-usa (I WILL NOT CALL HER RINI!) has decided to stay in the past with Usagi and Momaru, and basically all of volume 5 made me cry.

I’m loving the manga, and it’s funny that I resisted this format for so long, because the book that got me into reading comics and graphic novels in the first place was Scott Pilgrim, which is much more of a manga than it is a comic. Reading right to left has been an adjustment, but I love the art, and the story is so fun, and epic and positive, but still dark and interesting and complicated. I don’t know how it’s all of these things at once, but it somehow manages to be.

Over in anime land, let’s talk 90’s Sailor Moon.

There are so many episodes. It’s good that I only get two a week, because otherwise I would be a zombie, who instead of craving brains demanded to be fed by glittery transformations of teenage girls. I’ve completely fallen for Usagi as a heroine (if you’ll recall early on I wasn’t so sure about her…) and I’m looking forward to the introduction of Sailor Venus. However, I do enjoy Naru, and that because of the extended format, we get to know her a lot better than in the manga. Even if the Naru/Nepherite storyline is like, the creepiest thing in the history of creepy.

And I say this within 24 hours of seeing those images of Dark Lady and Tuxedo Mask making out, which is also like super gross.

What I’m liking best at the moment is watching Jupiter join the group. Ami, Rei and Usagi have established patterns, in their friend group and as The Sailor Senshi, and Mako is new, to both. She has these incredible insights into the pattern and it’s a really interesting to see. When even Luna is concerned about Usagi’s apparent flakiness, Mako notes, that she wasn’t being Flaky at all, but taking care of Naru, showing loyalty to her friends. It’s not the kind of insight that Rei or Ami would have noted about Usagi, as they’ve been burned by her blowing them off too many times before.

So that’s where I’m at with that.

As for Crystal, I’m in love with it. I was busy this Saturday, (Building sets for Little Shop of Horrors, come see it!) and I was really bummed that I didn’t get a chance to watch the new episode, and when I did watch it on Sunday, I was so happy with me beloved Sailor Mars’s introduction. While Rei’s prickly personality, which I love about her in the original Anime isn’t quite preserved, she’s still blunt and matter of fact about things. I’m excited to see events that didn’t necessarily occur in the original anime as we move forward, even if apparently everything sticks to the manga. But so far the three episodes have been like just different enough from the originals to make them interesting, but still kind of “meh” you know? There’s no new information.

And that’s the current Sailor Moon check in. Thanks for reading!


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