Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Hi Guys! I was going to write a whole beautiful post about Into The Woods, my brother, my friends and theatre for today, but then last night I decided to go to a dive bar with some guys from Little Shop of Horrors…so that didn’t happen.

So instead, here’s a list of things that I’m obsessed with right now:

  1. Little Shop of Horrors: If you’re from the Northern New Jersey/New York area, you should come see my show next weekend! More info Here!
  2. Sailor Moon, (duh!) But specifically Sailor Moon Crystal and the Manga. I’m enjoying the 90’s anime too, and it’s starting to pick up again, now that we’ve finally met Sailor Jupiter, but it’s long man. Opening the floor for suggestions of other anime and manga things I should be checking out.
  3. Still in Sailor Moon, friend of the blog Nikkisee’s Crystal recaps are among my favorite things to read when they come out every other Monday. Here’s this week’s, you should read her stuff anyway.
  4. Kate Leth’s Tumblr, and her podcast Less Than Live, and  just Kate in general, and just Tumblr in general. I have one now! I don’t use it much, I’m still learning, but follow me!
  5. Listening to various Guardians Of The Galaxy playlists on Spotify. The speculative ones about what people think might be on “Awesome Mix 2” are the ones I like best so far.
  6. My favorite summer drink, The Madras. It’s vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice. It’s super refreshing and cute and pink and you don’t have to decide is you want a screwdriver or a vodka cranberry!
  7. Chris Pratt
  8. Half baked theories about how Guardians is going to connect to the mainline Marvel Universe. My friend Greg and I declared that it’s probably through Skye’s dad, who also might be Coulson. Or something with The Collector
  9. Chris Pratt’s abs
  10. Avoiding Doctor Who spoilers at all costs. Also, deciding if I want to do the premiere in the movie theaters, or if I want to stay home and watch the pre and post show hosted by Chris Hardwick in real time.
  11. Chris Hardwick. (POINTS!)
  12. Ranting about the moving of Jupiter Ascending to February.
  13. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume. I love it. She should look like Xena. Why do so many people think that’s a bad thing?
  14. Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast. I get giddy everytime I listen, because I’m a huge dork. I’m not doing a lot of Bat-fanning these days, so it’s nice to listen to some of the biggest names in the fandom talk about it every once in a while.
  15. Chris Pratt’s arms
  16. Gail Simone’s twitter. She’s so cool.
  17. Fan art featuring The Robins. I spent like an hour when I got home last night just looking at hilarious fan art of Damian and Tim squabbling, and Dick telling them to cut it out. Also sometimes Jason and Stephanie are there. But not always.
  18. Yale Stewart’s JL8, which I’ve been obsessed with since last fall, but has yet to waver.
  19. Dancing Baby Groot (I am a human being with a soul after all)
  20. Her Universe’s Captain America Dress, which I really, really need to order, because I’ve been obsessed with it for a while now, and I love what Her Universe is doing for women in geek culture. Their stuff is so cute and fun and so spot on fandom fantastic. I hope they get DC licensing soon, because I would buy the shit out of any of their Batman merchandise.
  21. The Into The Woods trailer, which I think I watched 7 times this weekend, and I will write about tomorrow!

Anyway,  that’s where my head is at the moment.

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