Girl Meets Nostalgia: It’s All About The Bard And First Kisses

I actually couldn’t pick what to be nostalgic about for this week’s episode since it brought up episodes that are both close to my heart. (And both close to fans hearts I think) but first let’s recap the new show’s episode as that seems to be the direction these posts are going.

So, the episode opened with Riley and Lucas playing Romeo and Juliet (I’m sorry, I just don’t buy these two together…) and Farkle as a spear carrier. Maya was in the audience. Anyway, Farkle interuptted the ending because he didn’t want Lucas to kiss Riley. Maya is angry at him about it and Riley tells him that he was great in the play, in order to be nice. Farkle takes this to mean that he should pursue acting even though he was awful.

Meanwhile, in the interesting show that I actually like watching, (I call it The Maya and Corey Show) Maya has taken to wearing a large gold locket around her neck. Riley is convinced she stole it. She did, kind of, she took it from a lost and found bin, angry at the idea that anyone could not notice losing something so precious. This connects because Maya is convinced that Riley is being a hypocrite by telling Farkle that he was good in the play but insisting she not commit petty theft.

And by that I mean these barely connect at all.

Over at The Matthews Residence, Corey makes Topanga mad by refusing to eat some kind of chicken that she made. This was kind of lame but did get to display “Mean Crazy Topanga” which was always one of her better sides that we didn’t get to see that often. In the end, they all learned that they should tell the truth but do it nicely, which they were taught by Augie.

Because I’m starting to think that Augie Matthews might be a reincarnation of The Buddha like in The Golden Child.

Anyway, then Riley goes to school to tell Farkle that maybe not so much with the acting. But he’s already auditioned for another play and been told that he stinks. He’s upset with Riley because he thought that she believed in him. She apologizes and he steels a kiss. She’s horrified and Lucas then tells her that it’s fine and he’s waiting for his moment.

Which is not the first time Lucas has said something vaguely rapey…

Anyway, have you guessed which episodes I thought about nostalgically?

Obviously, Corey and Topanga’s first kiss was all over this baby. The unexpected nature of Riley and Farkle’s kiss was clear, as was Riley’s um, not exactly being mature enough to handle it. Obviously it didn’t quite have the oomph of that time that Topanga pushed Corey and his sticky up hair against a locker and kissed him, but very few moments ever will. Also, this was a moment played for laughs, not for heart, as that one was.

Obviously the other was the one that this reminded me of was when the gang did Hamlet for Mr. Feeney. Corey was initially cast as Hamlet but at the thought of having to wear tights dropped out, so the part went to Minkus who was awful. (Since we all know that Farkle is Minkus’s kid, this makes a lot of sense) In the end, Corey took on a spear carrier role, and was proud at honoring his commitments. This episode’s plot isn’t really what made it terribly memorable. What did make it memorable was two things: Shawn in a fat suit for when he played Polonius and when Mr. Feeney recited The Ghost’s Soliloquy in the dark to convince Corey that Shakespeare was still relevant.

There weren’t a lot of times we were reminded on Boy Meets World that William Daniels was one of the top actors of his generation but whenever they did it, it was something special.


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