DC Comics Wrap Up: 7/30/2014

It was a weird week. I literally only bought 2 DC comics. 2. I guess I really have managed to streamline a little. Or a lot. Actually in general it was only team books, no individual books this week. It was all team ups and other stuff.

But in the meantime, it’s time to dive in…or I guess stick my feet in the footbath, because way too shallow to dive into two books.

photo (16)

Future’s End #13

Worst scene ever! Some guy walks into the wounded Duck and Cal and Madison just hand over all of their stuff. BOOO! You’re Tim Drake sir, why are you not roundhouse kicking that guy? No, you just let him take that necklace you bought Maddy and run off with his gun. What would Bruce say? Or Dick? Or Jason? Damian would say you were useless and he always knew that. Ugh. I am very upset about this. Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific can’t sleep because that android that he stole off Terry is freaking him out. He thinks maybe he shouldn’t have said Terry was an alien. Over on OMAC Island, Fifty Sue and Grifter learn that Cadmus are experimenting not just on Earth 2 Superheroes but on regular people as well. That’s horrifying. Also, it turns out that Captain Cold runs around beating up people in alleyways in New York. Good. Someone has to do it since Tim SUCKS NOW! The B List villains that Terry is running around with have decided he’s out, so he decides to go out on his own but then Plastique blows him up. So there’s that. Barda and Emiko talk about how hard it’s been for Barda since the war and then Fifty Sue shows up and kidnaps them. Why would you even try to put Barda in a cell?

Justice League #32: “Injustice League Chapter 3: Birth”

In the creepiest opening ever, Superwoman is singing to her unborn baby. SO CREEPY. Meanwhile, we see the origins of The Doom Patrol and  wish I cared, but they go off to fight Power Ring, but it turns out that the guy who assembled them really wants the power ring and actually doesn’t care so much about stopping it. Hmm. So while the Justice League tries to clear the area, the Doom Patrol tries to recover the ring. Also, Luthor offers Captain Cold the job as head of his security. Anyway, everyone fights, the poor girl that the Power Ring is possessing witnessed a murder, which is why she’s weak and vulnerable I guess? Didn’t really get that part. Anyway, turns out Niles, Doom Patrol guy and Lex have a past. GASP!

So that was this week. Like I said, it was quiet, kind of weird, but nice, for my wallet at least.


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