Lucy Is Everywhere


After a nice healthy hiatus, I’m charging back into movie season for the home stretch of summer blockbuster time!

And I decided to go see Lucy, and I’m really glad I did.

Lucy is definitely not the best movie of the summer, it might not even be the best movie to come out this week, but, it is a really fun, really stupid action movie, complete with car chases, random characters with sketchy motivations, cool trippy CGI sequences, and weird pseudo science.

Lucy is a 25 year old grad student of some kind, who’s in Taiwan for reasons. She’s been dating Richard, a skeevy clubby guy for about a week and he gets her sucked into a drug ring. Again, the why is not important, but Richard gets himself dead, and Lucy winds up with a baggie of a new synthetic drug in her tummy. The bag breaks, Lucy discovers that her brain is now a super brain, as theorized by Professor Morgan Freeman. She bends time and space, hooks up with a french cop and eventually merges with the universe.

The movie is only about an hour and a half, so the stupidity of it doesn’t really sink in while you’re on the ride, and it is quite a ride. There are a 100 reasons to not really like this movie much, the lame plot, the next to nothing dialogue, the cheesy looking CGI and the 2 dimensional characters.

But there’s one really good reason to love this movie. And that reason is Scarlett Johansson.

Now, I’m a fan so I’m predisposed to like her, but she really does a good job here. She puts on her best Keanu Reeves emotionless robot, and moves through the action. Lucy herself is the kind of character that I’ve never seen a woman play in an action movie before, sexy but not sexualized, smart, funny, and not even vaguely complicated. It’s actually kind of refreshing. The one scene where Scarlett does really act, while on the phone to her mother is pretty breathtaking. Her fear of losing her humanity is palpable and is really one of the only things that’s even vaguely emotionally grounding about this movie.

But the violence. Oh the violence. This movie is gloriously and fabulously violent. There’s blood and bullets and all kinds of fun stuff.

So in the end? Lucy isn’t great, but it’s good, and fun and violent and kind of cool. And Scarlett Johansson is awesome. So that’s the takeaway.

Black Widow movie now please. Thank You.


  1. Godzilla
  2. Chef
  3. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  4. How To Train Your Dragon 2
  5. Lucy
  6. Jersey Boys
  7. Maleficent
  8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


50 Shades Of Grey: Look, it looks so, so, so horrifically generic, I can’t even stand it. I will not be wasting $11 bucks on this one. I can’t do it. I mean, the story doesn’t have much to make it special anyway, but really, try to do something.

Kingsman: The Secret Service: HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS MOVIE? Is it based on something? Can I read/see whatever it’s based on? Colin Firth as a James Bond type, teaching kids how to be James Bond? THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!

The Judge: If I see it, I will cry. I will also probably see it.

There were a few others, but nothing that stood out.

Guardians this week, you guys, it’s all about Guardians!



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