Batman Eternal 12-16

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Hey guys! So because of how this week fell, I have five issues of Eternal to review, and while I would happily just talk about how I am now fully shipping Tim/Harper, and how awesome Jason and Barbara are as a team. But I guess  have to talk about the actual plot or whatever, huh?

So, Bard, Bullock, Sawyer and Vicki have taken it upon themselves to round up all of the Falcone and Penguin gang guys, but they have to do it without the other comissioner knowing. Meanwhile, Gordon, has the first day of his trial, which Batman sneaks into as a guard, and then in a moment that stretches even comic book logic, sits in on, wearing a baseball cap and glasses.

Now, I’m sorry, this is a high profile murder trial, wouldn’t someone notice that Bruce Wayne was sitting in on it wearing a baseball cap and glasses? Ugh!

Anyway, it doesn’t go well, and back in jail, Gordon is visited by James Jr. Which I, of course, loved. Junior has arranged for Jim to be able to escape, stating that he wants his father to admit that Gotham is beyond saving. Jim is starting to believe that, I think, so he takes the opportunity, only to be confronted by Batman, who talks him back into his cell.

Meanwhile, over in my favorite land, Tim takes down Professor Pyg, who is just not nearly as much fun without Grant Morrison writing him, and Harper decides she’s going to track him down by hacking into his computers. She does, he gets angry, burst into the manor to whine to Alfred about it, and of course Julia overhears, and realizes that there may be more to her father’s life with these rich boys than she realizes. Tim heads to Tokyo to figure out what’s going on with the nano bots and Harper stows away. They do some fighting and flirting and it’s the best.

SHIPPING, all over the place.

Meanwhile, Cluemaster blows up one of Steph’s friends in order to just make her that much more angry about everything that’s going on, because he’s fricking Cluemaster and doesn’t understand how things work, Penguin and Falcone fight each other and get arrested. Bard gets the new commissioner on film basically admitting that he’s working for Falcone.

Barbara and Jason kick lots of butts in South America, she gets sad about Dick for a minute, and then they meet up with Batwoman.

Joker’s Daughter is taking over Arkham and torturing Black Bat and The Spectre and I’m sure this is all going to be really important down the line, but at the moment? I can’t really bring myself to care much about this story line. Everytime we hit an issue where it’s the main focus my eyes roll back in my head.

So, there we are. Sorry if this post seems rushed…See you next month!

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