Girl Meets Nostalgia: “I’m moving to Europe” & “You Failed Me”

This week on Girl Meets World, Maya proved more than ever that she is Girl Shawn Hunter. Also, am I the only person who doesn’t buy Riley and Lucas? I mean, the chemistry between Lucas and Maya is great, and I sort of lose focus every time they’re talking to each other.

But that’s not the point of this post. This is about how Maya is Shawn Hunter reborn as a pretty blond girl. This week, everyone handed in a paper on Charles Darwin. Maya got an F. She’s horrified and storms out of class. She takes this a sign that Corey has given up on her. Meanwhile, Riley wants to go to the big dance instead of to Coney Island with Corey for the last night of riding The Cyclone. Corey is uspet that his daughter is pushing him away and that he’s pushes away Maya, who he also considers a daughter. Topanga talks him through it and again, the stuff with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel is so amazingly spot on fantastic. We lived with Corey and Topanga for so long that it’s just an awesome, awesome thing to check in with them here.

In the end, Corey shares a father daughter dance with both girls, and it’s very sweet.

The whole thing reminded me of the time that Shawn got on a bus for Europe. Well, Paris Texas, because I think he and Turner got into a fight about Turner’s girlfriend? Or maybe this was when John was hesistating to adopt this floppy haired angst machine. I don’t know. I don’t remember the details, but I definitely saw shades of that episode it this one.

We also learned more about Maya’s homelife. She doesn’t live in a trailer, but we do know that her dad is not around. Maybe he’s in jail.


That literally just occurred to me and could you imagine? Like, Shawn and Angela broke up for a minute and he got some girl pregnant and ran off. AHhhh!

I have to stop writing this.

Quick Fangirl! To The Fanfic Mobile!

Anyway, that’s where we were this week. It was really a lovely episode that felt much more like a Boy Meets World episode than anything that preceded it. So way to go!


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