Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 7/23/2014

It was like living in backwards land this week. I bought what felt like a zillion DC books and very, very few Marvel books. (Comparatively.) But there was some really cool Original Sin stuff, and of course, Storm #1 (Girl Power Week!) So here we go!

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Amazing Spider-Man #4

Turns out that Peter wasn’t the only kid bitten by a spider that day in on the field trip, a girl named Cindy Moon was also bitten. But Cindy’s powers were stronger and more primal than Peter and so her parents handed her over to Ezekial Sims. She was held in captivity for a long, long time. Now Peter has found her, she made herself a costume out of webbing and they fight, and then they make out. Meanwhile, Black Cat broke into Parker Industries to somehow destroy Spider-Man. Which is sort of fun. It’s also nice that Anna Lucia is still helping Peter adjust to his post Doc Ock life. And that none of The Avengers seem to care much, when Peter is trying to tell them how exciting it is that he’s himself again. It was just a fun issue, and I’m really loving this series a whole lot.

Storm #1

It’s almost impossible to believe that Ororo has never headlined a series before but I’m glad they’re getting started. The issue focuses on the fact that Storm helped save a village from a tidal wave in a country that has heavy anti-mutant laws on the books. She backs off and goes back to school, where a new student calls her a sell out, and accuses the X-Men of imperialism. (The student, by the way totally has a point here.) This disturbs Storm and she goes back and does some damage against anti-mutants. She also brings the student back to her family. What’s going to be interesting here is exploring identity. This isn’t a girl learning who she is. Ororo is a a grown woman, a former queen, a goddess, she knows who she is, but that doesn’t mean she’s always sure of herself. Storm was always my favorite X-Man, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Original Sins #4

The first story was about a guy, I think he was some sort of stock broker who accidentally absorbs Doctor Doom’s secret when the bomb goes off. Doctor Doom then systematically ruins his life within hours. It’s an amazing and creepy story, that I’ve already read like 4 times.

Meanwhile, the young Avengers and The Hood hook up their lame Cerebro knockoff and text a whole bunch. I wish Teen Titans, which features characters I already know and am attached to, made me laugh half as much as this book. Sadly, it does not.

The two pager was the little eskimo kid who found Cap at a Comic Con, and was also pretty cute.

Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #2

Angela heads back to heaven in the middle of a fight with the Guardians because the Angels are gearing up to fight Loki and Thor. Drax is kind of pissed about this. Can’t really blame him. Anyway, Old Loki is manipulating the situation so that Thor and Angela fight. Oh Old Loki! You scamp! Anyway, young Loki made himself a girl for reasons? I think he’s proving a point. I’m not sure. Anyway, Thor fights a bunch of Angels, while Loki goes to possibly seduce the queen? Not sure of his endgame, but it’s a very cool. I love the art in this book. Then Angela shows up and obviously she and Thor are going to fight and it’s going to be great!

Deadpool #32: “Daddy/Daughter Day”

Deadpool is running after Ellie and her father from whoever it was that was chasing them. He gets shot in the head. But he heals and saves her and it’s adorable. He holds back telling her that he’s her father, which is probably a good thing. Meanwhile, Dazzler is having trouble fighting all those vampires, but then Whats-her-face, that Vampire Queen Deadpool is married to, shows up and they kill lots of vampires. Also, the agent Preston LMD doesn’t have skin at the moment and it’s funny and great and no one and everyone is freaked out by it. Violence, sarcasm and a little bit of heart. This is the Deadpool you’ve been looking for.

Daredevil #6

When the bomb blew, Matt Murdoch was engulfed in chaos, because his super senses go on overload, but he also so an image of his father beating his mother, which explains why she ran away and became a nun. Anyway, turns out that his mom and a bunch of other nuns were graffiting a military base that was doing nuclear testing, which is by the way the most accurate portrayal of nuns ever in anything. (Seriously, these women do not screw around when it comes to social justice!), and are being deported to Wakanda, because of shady dealing. Unable to get in touch with T’Challa (who is in space, and also alternate dimension, and also hurtling through time, depending on what book you pick up,) he knows he has to do something. It was nice to see Matt back in New York, and I frankly, always love the casualness of Matt’s Catholicism. It’s just a part of his life, it’s not really a plot point. This makes me happy.

Anyway, that’s Marvel! See everyone next week! Happy Comic-Con

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