DC Comics Wrap-Up: 7/23/2014

So it was Batman Day, and it’s Comic-Con week. I had Comics on the brain for the past few days, obviously, and we’re going to do a “what we learned from comic con” post next week, but today, today we dive gloriously into a world of finished Zero Years, and Wonder Woman awesomeness, and crazy Battwists. Also Flash catch up.

But let’s dive in.

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Batman Beyond Universe: “Justice Lords Beyond: Part 4”


Also, they defeat Lord Superman and send him to the Phantom Zone, and Terry sees his dad in the alternate timeline and it’s very bittersweet and Diana and Bruce decide to move in together and Zod has a very bad attitude. Also Barda and Scott are adorable.

But mostly that first thing. It sort of broke my brain.

Batman #33: “Zero Year: Savage City”

really need to read Zero Year, especially after listening to Scott Snyder talk on Fatman On Batman (which I have been binge listening to, it’s amazing.) about how he views Gotham as an extension of Batman’s (Dick as her first wrote in The Black Mirror and Bruce moving forward) psyche. That’s so clear in the couple of issues of Zero Year that I have picked up, and Snyder is quickly climbing the ladder as my favorite Batman writer. (All apologies to Dini and Morrison who I still love so much). Anyway, in the finale, Batman defeats The Riddler, all on his own, except also with the help of Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox and of course Alfred. After his victory, Bruce tells Alfred that he checked himself into Arkham for a time, and was about to undergo, I guess electro shock? Anyway, he decided against it, and decided to become Batman instead. His ex girlfriend shows up, and Alfred has a lovely fantasy of Bruce living a normal life. Which will of course, never happen, because Bruce refuses to see the girl. It’s bittersweet and lovely, and perfect, and I love Scott Snyder.

Batman And Robin #33: “Robin Rises: Cold Justice”

The Justice League spends an awful lot of time trying to convince Bruce not to resurrect Damian, and he’s really, really unhappy about it. Shazam is particularly dickish about it, which maintains my disdain for the New 52 Version. Even Captain Cold and Luthor are like, “We get it dude, but we can’t let you,” by the end. My favorite appeal comes when Bruce points out to Aquaman that if Darkseid had Mera, he’d be all over this shit. I also enjoyed the detail that the “-tt-” noise is the override code for the “Hellbat” armor. Such a loving and perfect detail. Turns out that Glorious Godfrey and Kalibak want to shoot Damian out of a cannon, which is awesome. Anyway, back not on Apokolips, Bruce kicks down Damian’s gravestone and catches fireflies (Not in that order) and Clark shows up and tells him how sorry he is. Bruce says he’s really, really ready to move on this time. Except, that he follows Titus down to the Batcave, where he has assembled, Barbara, Tim, Jason, and Alfred and they’re clearly going to Apokolips.

I really wish Dick wasn’t “dead.” He should be going with everyone to rescue his partner, no question about it.

Wonder Woman #33: “Paradise Lost”

Diana is being held prisoner by that weird God, who I can’t remember who he is, who really really wants to marry her and make babies. Which is weird. And gross. Which she says. Meanwhile, back on Paradise Island, her friends (and Orion, for some reason) make their last stand. Zola refuses to take shelter leaving Aleka vulnerable, as she promised Diana she would protect her. Anyway, the Amazons and The Sons of Paradise Island fight together to protect their home, which makes Diana proud, but she’s dying anyway. Also, Orion might be dying? Which is nuts, because this isn’t a Crisis and you can’t just kill on of the New Gods of New Genesis in a plain old regular issue of Wonder Woman, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Anyway, then Zeke possesses a statue, which according to Rick Riordan is not a power of the children of Zeus…hmmm…

Superman #33: “The Men Of Tomorrow: Chapter 2: The New Superman”

If Scott Snyder is my new favorite Batman writer, Geoff Johns is my not so new favorite writer of everything. I mean, this is the man who wrote Flashpoint, so…anyway, it’s only two issues in, and I’m already completely obsessed with the new run of Superman. This issue opens perfectly, with Perry yelling at the staff about how they didn’t get pictures of Ulysses. Poor Jimmy looked ready to die. Anyway, then Clark shows up, he and Perry talk about the lab accident that sent Ulysses across dimensions. They make a deal that will get Clark back to the Planet. (Please!) Anyway, then Ulysses shows up, Clark explains secret identities to him, they get into some fights (with others, not eachother) and Clark brings him home to his parents, an it’s all pretty perfect.

Catwoman #33: “Race of Thieves: A Cold Case”

Selina is not happy when she realizes that Roulette played her but when she realizes that the murder case she’s been working is tied in to The Race of Thieves, it’s pretty great. I’m getting ready to say goodbye to this incarnation of Catwoman, since she’s about to be revamped into a straight up Gotham Mob boss. (Great, not she and Bruce are never going to get it together!) Anyway, she uses information that she put together a way to break Roulette and it’s all pretty great. Like always, I really enjoyed this book even if I wasn’t totally sold on the plot, because I love hanging out with Selina so much.

The Flash #32-33: “Cold Call & A Step Behind”

I somehow missed Flash 32, and I’m glad I was able to pick it up and catch up this week, because it’s probably the best issue in a while. The Future Barry that’s moving back in time sits by Captain Cold’s bedside and reminisces. Then he kills him, of course. Back in the current timeline, Barry and Patty are fighting (what else is new) because he’s spending too much time crime fighting. Then he goes to a baseball game with Wally and Iris and he and Wally bond and it’s the best.

33 was less awesome, but still good, Barry figures out who’s been comitting all of the murders and also gets tackled by himself. Wally gets arrested again, and Patty and Barry make up. It was hard to follow because I loved 32 so much, but I’m looking forward to picking back up with Flash again. I really do love it.

Secret Origins #4: “Harley Quinn,” “Green Arrow,” “Damian Wayne”

A character I used to love, a character I’m growing to adore and Damian.

While I love that Harley Quinn is currently DC’s top selling character, I really don’t love her new version. The new origin is kind of fun, which establishes that Harley was always kind of nuts and boy crazy which is what drew her to the Joker.  But it’s impossible to top “Mad Love,” and certainly not in this tiny 3rd an issue.

Oliver Queen’s origin is retconned fairly well here. It’s a fun story about the island and his father and not being a partying, playboy piece of garbage anymore. So that was fun. I love Ollie, so I’m always happy to see him.

And Damian. I love my Damian. But I’ve talked about this story. You know, Talia and Bruce boink. Damian raised as assassin. Damian moves in with Bruce. Bruce gets sent back in time. Damian runs around Gotham unsupervised for a while. Alfred and Dick make Damian Robin. Damian is sassy the whole time, everything is great. (Except when Damian dies and Dick has to fake his own death. Then everything is just THE WORST)

Future’s End #12

No Terry, but whatever. The Space Crew fought some robots, that was great. Star Girl is all punk and being stalked by Farraday, which makes sense but also makes me sad, because I love her and I guess this means she and J’onn didn’t get together, and also because I love her a whole lot. But she also seems to be running with Grifter’s crew, which is kind of cool. Meanwhile, in the future, the cyborgs have been torturing Joker and now they’re going to graft him and Bruce together, which is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Anyway, that’s DC this week. There was a lot, as it turned out.



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