Marvel Girls: Girl Power Incarnate

Since yesterday was about Barbara Gordon, and the ladies of Gotham City, I decided that today should be about the two characters who have been capturing my imagination more than just about anyone else lately. (Except for Sailor Moon, who we will be discussing tomorrow!)

I’m of course talking about Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan.

I’ve made it pretty damn clear that I have a lot of love for Kamala, her story, what she represents, and just everything about her.

I love that she’s funny, and that she’s awkward. I love that she’s still getting a handle on her powers and that she has a top ten list of other superheroes she wants to team up with.  I love that she’s a fangirl. I love that she doesn’t quite know how to be a superhero and a Muslim but she wants to be both. I love that she can’t quite figure out that Bruno has a crush on her, or that she probably has a crush on him and she’s just not the kind of girl who will care.

And I love that she’s Kamala first, Ms. Marvel second, and a “representation” third and least importantly.

She’s just fun and makes me smile.

Like this, all smiles!

Like this, all smiles!

Carol’s another story.

I look forward to my Captain Marvel every month, but it’s a different sort of excitement from Ms. Marvel.

Aside from hoping that she and Star-Lord hook up one of these days (For serious, this needs to happen.) I love that Carol Danvers is sassy, one of the most powerful people in the universe and basically, the Marvel Universe’s answer to Hal Jordan.

And only slightly prettier…



But I love that she’s dedicated to justice, that she got superpowers and immediately decided to help people. I love how she’s all woman and all badass. I love her uniform, I love that when she puts on her helmet she has a mohawk. I love that she’s willing to defy just about anyone and when it comes to doing the right thing.

And seriously all that I want at this point is for these two to get together and kick some asses together. Because even though Kamala is street level and Carol is Cosmic, these two should be working together.

It’s all in the names people.


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