Gotham Girls

Happy Batman Day!

And it’s day 3 of Girl Power Week.

So let’s talk about Barbara.

Obviously, if you’re on the internet you’ve probably seen the redesign for Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl that will come in the next few months. I, like many women, totally pumped my fist upon finding out about it. Spandex?


The holdover from her 60’s costume?

Also gone, though it’s still purple and yellow. And she actually looks like a 21 year old girl. It’s pretty great.

It's so cool, you guys. So stinking cool!

It’s so cool, you guys. So stinking cool!

I like to think she decided to do the leather jacket after chilling in South America with Jason. Like, she saw it and was like, “I could rock this look better than Red Hood, please!” And rock it she does. While losing Gail Simone on this book does kind of suck, I can’t help but be thrilled that we’re getting a lighter more fun take on Barbara, who frankly, is at her best when she’s having fun. Although I’ve also loved completely losing it over Knightfall,

But Barbara’s not the only of the Gotham Girls (coming soon to the CW, a heartwarming show about friendship, coffee and kicking butt) who’s kind rocking it these days. Obviously over in Eternal Harper Row and Stephanie Brown are doing amazing things. And we know that they’re not going to stay uncostumed much longer, they will quite soon be Bluebird and Spoiler, and I’m really looking forward to it.

And again, as I’m me, I think about how there will probably some kind of killer love triangle between Harper, Tim and Steph. Because I mean, please? I would love that. Also, it would just mean more Tim, which is never a bad thing, because he’s a pretty great character.

Now let’s talk about The Birds of Prey. I was so hot on this series at first, fell off on it, picked it up again, and now I think it’s being cancelled?

This only makes me sad because of Dinah.

I love Dinah Lance, I love her so much. Granted she pops up now and then in Batgirl, and I’m hoping to see her in Eternal one of these days, but the idea that she’s not going to have regularly scheduled appearances again for a while is sort of a bummer.

Of course, Birds is being cancelled to make room for Gotham Academy, and I kind of have this idea in my head of a relaunched Birds somewhere down the line that features Steph and Harper, and probably Helena since she’s clearly going to be around for a while. I mean, it would be a pretty killer series, Bluebird, Huntress and Spoiler as The Birds of Prey. I like the idea of it.

Sorry for the shortness of this post…I was focused on something else yesterday…hopefully I’ll be able to explain that soon.

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