Girl Meets Nostalgia: Never Change For A Girl

Hey guys! Welcome to Girl Power Week! Which will be kicking off more lightly themed with this week’s girl meets nostalgia.

Now we all know that “Be Yourself” is always going to be a major theme in just about any children or teen or tween aimed piece of media. It’s kind of one of the only totally healthy messages you can send people. Who you are is great, so be that person.

Boy Meets World dealt with this almost constantly, and this week’s Girl Meets World did it in a really nice way, but I’m going to focus mostly on how it did it with Riley’s little brother Augie.

First of all, this kid is completely adorable. I love him, and his floppy hair and his goofy antics. It’s great. He has a lot of things in common with his Uncle Eric and the sassy mouth of his Aunt Morgan and when the Mathews family all get together again, I’m sure it will be brought up.

But this week, five year old Augie decided he needed to grow up in order to impress seven year old Eva, a neighbor who he’s taken a liking too. A heart broken and curious Topanga (finally getting a story line all her own! Girl Power!) decides to figure out how to deal with this. As it is quickly discovered that Eva is a little tyrant, Augie stands up for himself and with his Mom in his corner, he’s unstoppable.

On a similar track, Riley, Farkle, Maya and Lucas faced a dangerous threat to their group dynamic, another girl, Missy, who likes Lucas. Missy’s definitely going to be a longstanding rival for Riley, and is totally that girl you hated in middle school. She’s smart well assured and I’m not even sure she actually likes Lucas that much, she seems to just want to get under Riley and Maya’s respective skin. Riley, on her own, not with prompting from her friends, goes to Lucas and tells him that while she’s not ready to be more than friends with him (own it girl! Loving the Topanga-esque self assurance there!) she worries that him spending time with Missy will alter their friend group too much, and she doesn’t want to lose him.

In response, Lucas tells Missy that his friends kind of come with the deal and she bails. I like the idea that one of the building blocks of Girl Meets World is turning out to be the building of a Core 4. Teen shows with a Core 4 tend to be better than ones without them. (See Dawson’s Creek, The OC, Gossip Girl) 

Now, it’s time to talk nostalgia!

There’s a reason why I lead with Augie’s storyline over Riley’s and pointed out the kid’s similarity to Eric…

Does anyone remember Desiree?

Let me refresh your memory. Desiree was a new student who transferred to John Adams from Georgia and who Eric dated for about two episodes. She was a nightmare, she was demanding, controlling and forced a wedge between Eric and his best friend Jason. (Who like so many characters from seasons 2-4, which are arguably the strongest, conveniently disappeared when Jack showed up. I blame Jack for the loss of Mr. Turner too, although I would have loved to see the two of them interact and talk about what a dumbass Shawn was…) Everyone worried about Eric, but specifically Amy tried to talk her son into breaking it off with Desiree. When Eric finally split up with her, she gifted him with a seriously hot breakup kiss.

This is deeply similar to Augie’s storyline here, even if it was more malls and cars than playgrounds and stuffed animals. But Augie learned, just as his Uncle Eric had in the past, that you shouldn’t change yourself for a girl, and that your mom is probably right about her.

Especially if your mom is Amy Matthews or Topanga.

So that’s how we’re kicking of Girl Power Week. I know it was a light start, but we’ll be getting heavy into it after this.


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