DC Comics Wrap Up: 7/16/2015

It was a nice quiet week filled with lots of me crying, and just being greatly satisfied with the new directions that several of the DC books. But it was nice to have a light week for a change. I think I’ve streamlined my pull list, and I’m happy with the results.

And by “streamlined my pull list” I mean, “I’m pretty much only reading Batman books most weeks and I’m OK with that.”

So it’s time to dive in! Hooray!

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Red Hood And The Outlaws #33: “Good Will Hurting”

Guys, Good Will Hunting is my fake favorite movie that I tell people on first dates is my favorite movie! Just a weird sort of goodwill I went into this issue with. As you may recall, last issue, Kirk Langstrom called the Outlaws because an alien ship landed with a message for Kori. She saw the ship and flipped out. So we get a fun little back story about Kori running around the galaxy getting her Dany on. In that she was going from planet to planet and freeing slaves…actually, Starfire and Khalessi have a lot in common. (Maybe to be explored in Girl Power week?) Anyway, after that fun little diversion, and it was fun, (Also, back in the day she wore clothes. Maybe clothes again, hon?) Jason and Roy decide to board the ship and there are all these dead slave skeletons on it. The guys fully comprehend why Kori freaked and when Langstrom suggests that possibly she had something to do with this, Roy loses it. He shoves Langstrom into a wall, which is probably not a stellar plan, because, Man Bat. Anyway, Langstrom transforms, and Roy and Jason get the second most accurate “young people” dialogue of the week. (Kamala wins, she always wins.) “Did not see that coming,” “Right?” Kori, meanwhile is off to Abu Dhabi, which it turns out is infested with rich, corrupt, slave trading aliens. So, DC, when are we renaming the book, Starfire and Sometimes Red Hood and Arsenal Kill Things? Because that’s pretty much what it’s been for a year now…

Infinite Crisis #1: “Prelude”

Yeah, this is the prelude comic to the Infinite Crisis video game, which I picked up to report on it to my cousin Tommy, because I’m sure he’ll love this game. (He loves all the DC games…) but I’ve already read Final Crisis multiple times and I know the bones of Crisis on Infinite Earths, so I pretty much know how this one goes. The last of Monitors sees a problem in the remaining 52 universes, tries to warn people. Turns out Harbinger is hopping universes trying to stop it. Look, this does seem like a killer plot for a video game, but it doesn’t make for a terribly compelling comic, even if seeing the Catwoman of The Gaslight Earth and Batman of Earth Prime interact is really, really cool. Like, really cool. It was worth picking up the first issue because The Monitors are one of my favorite flights of Grant Morrison Fancy that I’ve never seen anywhere other than Final Crisis…

Supergirl #33: “Red Daughter of Krypton: Conclusion”

As Kara fights the world killer, who is so creepy by the way, she realizes that what’s good is that because of Red Lantern power she can survive in the kryptonite infected atmosphere of earth. She eventually defeats the World Killer by flying into the sun because that’s always the best way to win a fight when you’re a Kryptonian. This cost her her red lantern ring, but emerges as Supergirl again. Meanwhile, in LA, Superboy and some other people who I don’t know killed a bunch of clones. We all know how well Kara and Superboy get a long, so this could lead someplace fun.

Teen Titans #1: “Blinded By The Light”

Can we all just marvel over how stinking cute it is that when Tim calls Cassie a picture of him looking like an uber dork. And also that he just sits on top of The Freedom Tower with a laptop sending out commands to the other Titans. Seriously, it’s the best. Anyway, a bunch of shadowy ninja types have kidnapped a schoolbus full of kids, and The Teen Titans won’t stand for that sort of nonsense, so they beat them, a lot. I like the look of the new team. (I mean, not their actual look, because Wonder Girl and Raven look completely ridiculous) but just as a line up it’s good. And that Bunker fights homophobia with sheer throwing pink bricks at people is going to be hilarious. Also Beast Boy, but meh….

Future’s End #11

The Justice League wants Firestorm to get back together. It isn’t going to happen because Ron is a huge douche, but it was good to see Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman, who seem to be thriving as heroes in this new post-war status quo. Good for them. Anyway, Ron admits that it was probably his fault that Green Arrow dies and in the second book this week, ROY LOST HIS SHIT! It was a good week for Roy Harper temper tantrums, is all I’m saying. Mr. Terrific has decided to go on TV and call Terry a menace, which, since everyone always compares him to Peter Parker anyway, makes perfect sense. Meanwhile, in space, the crew that was in space talks about magic for a while, and then they crash land. Oh, and Grifter’s friend went into hiding. No Terry, no Tim. But I liked it anyway.

Robin Rises Omega: “Red Dawn”

This week was pretty much all about me getting to Robin Rises. I’m so impatient to see Damian again, I talk about it almost as much as I talk about Kamala. Maybe more, because I somehow manage to drive any mention of Batman towards it. This one shot, setting up how we’re getting him back was completely worth it. We got a quick five page recap of Damian’s story from Bruce’s perspective, which of course made me cry, and then we jumped into a gang from Apokolips trying to steal Damian and Talia’s bodies, which of course Bruce and R’as were not going to stand for. They had different plans for the bodies, but Bruce and Ra’s have always been two people on opposite sides of the thinnest of lines. That’s what makes them so fascinating as adversaries. And Bruce and Talia’s love so creepy. (Soooo many daddy issues…) Anyway, they fight the army of Apokalips, and R’as gets Talia’s body but the invaders get Damian’s because the Justice League shows up and Lex Luthor and Aquaman screw up. Then Wonder Woman apologizes and Luthor is a jerk about it and BATMAN PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE! It’s pretty great. Anyway, he’s decided that he’s going to Apokolips, he’s getting Damian back ALIVE. SQUEEE! I miss my little twerp. I miss him so much. I can’t wait to get him back.

So that’s where we are this week! We’ll see you tomorrow for Marvel!


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