“Theme music, I need Theme Music”: Ms. Marvel #6

There is just about nothing that makes me smile more these days than when I read my Ms. Marvel every month, and this month is no exception.



Everything about Kamala is just so stinking great, and her story is written and drawn so flawlessly, and it all just keeps getting better.

Kamala has been patrolling Jersey City, trying to stay one step ahead of The Inventor, who has been sending robots to hunt her. Of course this forces her to sneak out of the house every day, but such is the life when you’re a teenage superhero with mega strict immigrant parents, right? Anyway, as a condition of her continued grounding, Kamala has to sit down and have a chat with Sheik Abdullah, the leader of her mosque.

Everything about this scene made me obscenely happy.

I’m a Catholic, not a Muslim, but in general, I tend to get pretty pissed off about the way religion is treated in a lot of media. Devotion is often treated as a bad thing, unthinking, backward and the refuge of the dull and bigoted. And certainly religious leaders, even if their flocks are treated normally, are rarely treated like actual characters. They’re either straw men to be beaten, or impossible wise men, who know everything.

But Kamala’s talk with Sheik Abdullah isn’t like that at all. She goes in apprehensive, sure she’s about to get a lecture about “avoiding Satan and boys,” but instead, she’s given actual guidance. It’s clear that the Sheik has figured out what Kamala is doing with her night’s and tells her that not only is what she doing good and right, but she should strive to be the best she can at it.

He advises her to find a mentor.

I’m guessing that by the end of this arc, Kamala will have met Carol. But who knows?

I loved everything about this scene, because it reminded me of so many conversations that I had with priests, nuns and youth ministers throughout high school and college. My old youth minister Gail remains one of my best friends and it was so nice to have an adult besides my mom to go to with problems during my teenage years. Someone who would listen, give advice and remind me that I could trust in God.

It was nice to see this kind of person represented in Kamala’s life.

Anyway, Kamala goes out to find herself a mentor, but on her way home hears a weird noise coming out of a pothole and decides to investigate. She runs to the Circle Q, changes into her costume and jumps down into the sewer, where she comes face to face with The Inventor and a bunch of his mutant crocodiles.

The Inventor, as it turns out is a clone of Thomas Edison who is also part cockatoo, because sure, why not? This is Ms. Marvel, and I already love everything about this book and I like things that are bonkers, so fine, I’m with you. Also, it’s colorful and so deserving of our girl to that out there an arch nemesis, but she’s just not ready to take him on, even if she’s more than willing.

Luckily, she finds the mentor she needs because for some reason WOLVERINE is in the sewers of Jersey City. Kamala totally fangirls out on him, because “Such athletic! Very claws! So amaze!” She also declares that they are “totally twinsies” because of her healing factor, and then Logan tells her that he no longer has healing factor.

Granted, they’re going to keep fighting together, but I doubt Logan is the mentor that Kamala needs right now.

Because of course he isn’t, because obviously Carol Danvers is!

But when she says, “so like, now you’re just a short, angry man, who punches stuff?” it’s the best. Because I cannot stress this enough, KAMALA IS THE BEST! Also, she once wrote a fanfic about Wolverine and Storm in space. I want to read all of that.

Anyway, I was sitting on my couch vibrating with silent giggles. This book makes me so happy. So unreasonably, and joyously happy.

I’m going to talk a lot more about Kamala next week, for my Girl Power Week next week, but for now, just, so amaze,  you guys.


2 thoughts on ““Theme music, I need Theme Music”: Ms. Marvel #6

  1. most definitely the best issue so far! found myself giggling too. and i’m with you about Wolverine not being the mentor that Kamala needs .. but Carol instead. she has to be, she really has to …

    anyway, with such an enjoyable team-up (i was initially sceptical .. plus we still need to see what happens next issue) i’m now really looking forward to her team-up with Spiderman — although its unfortunate that its not in Ms Marvel but Amazing Spidey (though i’m confident Dan Slott would do as good a job as G Willow Wilson)


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