The Bigger They Are, The Higher Pitched They Scream: Translucid #4

Guys! This week my Translucid came 2 days early, so I was able to get it written up in time to post today, the day it hits shelves. (I haven’t been feeling super great this week, so this was a very nice pick me up, when I got home on Monday and saw that envelope from Boom!) As we speed towards our climax, we see how Cornelius’s light inventions progress.



He uses them to help another kid who’s being bullied. He’s also fighting off terrible visions of his father, and back in Navigator timeline, he’s going to an abandoned mental hospital to basically pray to his mother about how he’s lost his way.

That last one? Is a super Batman move. “I will become a bat, Father…” and all of that Year One nonsense. (I don’t actually think Year One is nonsense. Year One is basically perfect.) He also makes a light rose and leaves it behind for her. Now, we’ve known from the minute that this book was announced that it was going to have shades of The Bat, but this particular scene was so Claudio Does Gotham that I started thinking about that petition that he get to write an actual Batman story.

Although, I guess that would mean no more Snyder.

So, maybe not.

I’m just saying. He seems to get it.

Anyway, Cornelius accepts a gift of a plant from the family of the woman who Drake died saving. Drake’s sacrifice seems to be the thing that really pushes him to become the Navigator, but the issue ends with his Mom apparently poisoning him and herself in order to reunite their family in heaven.

Ah, yes, that’s the Claudio Sanchez I know and have grown to love and fear. This is the writer who kicked off his entire saga with a set of parents being manipulated into murdering their children. This is the guy who created the character of Al The Killer, and sold him as one of the good guys. Or at least on the side of the angels, or I guess, The Prise…


Whew, sorry about that. I got a little bit caught up. If I wasn’t sidelined by this stomach bug, I might have actually started moshing. Anyway, it’s a dark and interesting direction to go in, and as usual I was gripped. Maybe more so than usual.

Oh, also, the classmate that Cornelius saved had a Knight chess piece on his tee shirt. So that may or may not be telling.

This month, in lines that could be lyrics:

“I can’t believe it’s been so long, 30 years without you. Not a single one with any kind of resolve”

“It’s a shame to see you’ve fallen so far from grave without your pony boy.”

“If a hero’s only as good as his villains then what does that make me?”

“Memories don’t belong to us, you see. We share the past with the consequences of our decisions.”

So that was this month. I can’t believe that there are only two issues left! I’m really enjoying this story, and I’m going to miss it when it’s finished. See you tomorrow for Kamala!

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