Sailor Moon: A Confession

Sailor Moon

I’ve decided to revisit Sailor Moon, because I do occasionally pay attention to the internet, and also because it pretty much fulfills a big part of what I like to cover around here, that is, the girly girl side of geek culture.

Some might argue that Sailor Moon is pretty much the apex of this. (Disney Princesses and Twilight are heavy hitters as well.) But I have something to confess.

I’ve never been a big fan.

I mean, I watched the original 90’s anime in like 5th grade. It was on Toonami, easily accessible and even as a twelve year old girl who loved superheroes like a whole friggin lot, I was just not into it.

I also to this day get annoyed when I introduce myself to people, and they say, “Oh, like the annoying little girl from Sailor Moon?”

NO! Not like her at all. My name is Reenie. Her name is Rini. I have never time traveled to help my mother as a teenager fulfill her destiny. (Although, frankly, that would be cool.) I do not have pink hair. And also, for the love of God, you preface your reference to this character with the epithet “annoying!” Please don’t bring it up again!

Do you know when this really doesn’t work? On dates.

Don’t compare a girl whose on a date with you to an annoying child from an anime that she hasn’t expressed any interest in previously. Don’t do it. It’s not like it’s a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely going to make her roll her eyes.


Anyway, moving on. But, the original anime is being added to Hulu episode by episode, so this way, I can watch it without falling too deep down a binge hole*, or feeling overwhelmed. And then I can catch on to the new Sailor Moon: Crystal, if I’m grabbed by the original again.

I also figure that this is a decent entry point into the bigger world of anime, that I’ve always sort of stayed away from, because, there’s a lot out there and it’s pretty overwhelming and scary to dive in. But, frankly, that’s the same reason I always steered clear of comics and deciding to just finally jump in has proved immensely rewarding, if ridiculously expensive. But I figure with anime, between Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, I’m already paying for a good chunk of this stuff, it’s just a matter of accessing it.

But I’ve decided that Sailor Moon is important. Because of feminism, and girls, and glitter and the internet. And reaching outside of my comfort zone. And all that junk.

I should also note that I made this decision after reading this article on Comics Alliance. I make a lot of decisions based on things I read there…actually.

So I’ll be checking in periodically with Sailor Moon, whenever something about it hits me. I’m not scheduling anything, because that causes me too much stress.

*After writing this, I went home and watched about 8 episodes….but once I’m caught up, it’ll just be once a week, or whatever…


5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon: A Confession

  1. I can totally see it getting annoying if you have the same name as one of the characters!

    I loved Sailor Moon as a kid, it came out on TV when I was 4 or 5, one of my birthday cakes was Sailor Moon and I had the wand and all the attacks memorized, it was great. I’m not a huge fan of the new series though. I hope you enjoy it! It’s a good show, and it’s influential to quite a few shows that come after it.


    • I’ve heard mixed things about the new series, but I’m greatly enjoying the original. I just got past the introduction of Sailor Mercury which is an episode I remembered very fondly from my childhood. As it started I had a major Ah Ha! moment. “Right, the computer tries to brainwash her…” I’ll probably check out the new in between episodes of the old once I’m caught up.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I hope you enjoy it – I could see it being super annoying that Rini is constantly brought up in reference to you. I just hope I didn’t do it the first time I met you! That article you referenced is just brilliant by the way – thanks for sharing it. It struck a lot of chords in me that I didn’t really know were there about the show and the impact it had on my childhood.


    • Hi Maggie! I don’t think you did do it to me, though you may have brought it up later in our relationship when I knew you well enough to glare at you about it lol!
      I am enjoying it immensely so far and have even started combing Amazon for the Manga. (You know me, I rarely go halfway on anything…)
      That article was incredible and seriously almost made me cry.


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