Girl Meets Nostalgia: Confiscated Cell Phones & Looking to The Future

So this week on Girl Meets World, we learned more about Riley’s brother, Eric/Morgan who it turns out is named Augie. At a family dinner he recounts what is obviously Corey and Topanga’s dream situation. There’s a little girl in class who loves him, his teacher is mentoring him, he’s growing as a person.

He basically described, Boy Meets World in a nut shell. Riley is a good deal less on board. In class Corey has given the class an assignment to connect with one another and taken away their phones.

Now, Boy Meets World always played it a little fast and loose with the rules of teacher/student relationships too, but it was always somehow tied into what hey were learning. Sure, Corey and Shawn might go off on zany hijinks but it always somehow connected back to whatever book they were reading in Mr. Turner’s class or that time they did Hamlet. 

I just don’t see how this relates even a little bit to Corey’s history class, but it’s a nice way to put Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle in the library for the evening to talk. Riley talks to Lucas about how he misses living in the country. Maya discovers a talent for drawing and Frakle, remains Farkle.

As the class stands in front of Corey and talks about what they learned and Corey worries that Maya’s crush on Lucas is more than he’s ready for as a father.

The episode ends with Corey giving Maya a cell phone so that she can keep an eye on Lucas and Riley’s budding relationship. (I see this one coming back to bite him in the butt…) and Maya assures him that they are just friends. Corey shakes his head and says:

“Yeah, I know that story…”

He then presents Maya with a set of colored pencils so that “when something beautiful happens, you can show me.”

I really, really can’t wait for the inevitable meeting that will come between Shawn and Maya. Remember when Shawn was a poet? Anyway, this episode reminded me in a big way of the time that the gang came to Mr. Feeney’s class and had to present their future selves. Corey didn’t quite think things through and wound up saying that he was going to be playing for the Phillies, right out of high school.

He later amended his statement. After meeting Jim Boone.

The episode was very nice, and I’m finding that the interaction between Maya and Corey is probably going to be at the show’s heart for quite awhile. I like that it’s there, and the way he’s clearly trying to save this girl, the way that he once saved Shawn is neither played for condescension or nostalgia. Corey just has a way of seeing the good in people, and bringing it out in them.

More Topanga now, but still not enough. I will not be satisfied until I see her have a full storyline. Also, why is she being so mean to Corey? But I love how as always, Tippy is just so damn capable. Her coloring session with Augie was cute and when she told Corey that “he taught their daughter how to feel,” I almost died of awwwww…

If the show wants to work (and I think we all want it to.) We need more moments like the core 4 in the library. Because those scenes were really great.


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