They Stole My Name!

It was announced yesterday that there will be two new Bat-Books come September. (Because obviously we don’t see enough of Gotham City. I’m kidding, obviously.) And while one of them I will probably ignore, as it is entitled Arkham Manor, and have something to do with Arkham Asylum being moved to Wayne Manor, and I really couldn’t care less, the other I will probably read like, all the time.

Because it’s going to be called Gotham Academy. 

Gotham Academy

Now, we don’t know a lot about the series yet. We don’t know what characters it will feature. (Although I’d put good money on Tim and Steph and maybe Harper.) We do know that it will be about Gotham City’s most elite prep school.

Now, I’m extraordinarily excited about this but I’m also a little bit annoyed because well…you know that Bat-family themed teen soap that I joke around about dreaming about making that I actually have several outlines and an early draft script started on my computer for, so it’s less a joke and more something that I would love, love, love to do, even if it’s highly unlikely?

Yeah, guess what it’s called?

Now, my guess is that this Gotham Academy and my vision of it will have little in common, because I can’t imagine that there are many people who are interested in seeing the teenage proteges of Batman (and probably Helena because duh!) take part in Gossip Girl type love triangles by day and fight crime by night.

I mean, people besides me obviously. Because I of course want to see that. It’s all I want to see. I have gotten drunk and bored my friends with this idea many times. I once promised another drunk actor friend that I would make him Dick Grayson, should this come to fruition in the next ten years. He was either deeply flattered or humoring me. Or possibly both.

Anyway, I’m just going to have to come up with a different name for my imaginary Bat-family themed teen soap.

Like One Wayne Hill, or The KC (Kane County,) or Gotham Palisades: Insert Fake Zip Code Here, or of course Gossip Bats.

But hey, chances are I’m going to like Gotham Academy  quite a bit. As it is a comic book about characters peripheral to Batman and for the most part I like those a whole lot.


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