Girl Meets Nostalgia: Homework Rebellions & Student Strikes

Hey all! So, after a week of soul searching, I’ve decided what is going to take the place of declaring the winner of Game of Thrones each week.

Welcome to Girl Meets Nostalgia, my new weekly feature, in which I reflect on which parts of Girl Meets World made me nostalgic for Boy Meets World. What’s going to be fun about this, is that Girl Meets World airs on Friday, which gives me two days to watch and write up what’s happening in my head. Maybe even do a little research. (Ha! That’s funny right? When I have I ever done research here?) Anyway, I figure it’s a fun way to keep me engaged with the show.

The pilot of Girl Meets World, aired on Friday, and I have to admit, I kind of went out of the way to watch it, in that I really wanted to go to sleep early, but I stayed up, because I was excited. I even live tweeted it (sort of. Not minute by minute, but I used the hashtag.)

Anyway, the premier episode focused on Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya organizing a homework rebellion in her father Corey’s classroom. (Corey teaches Geography at John Quincy Adams Middle School! This is the best in joke in the history of the world.) Very cool about Corey’s class? It’s sort of a combination of Feeney and Turner. He doesn’t call any of his students by their first names, but he’s also very laid back, and by giving his students autonomy loses control of them and their rebellion pretty quickly.

Now, I don’t know how many of you remember the episode where Corey and Shawn read The Grapes of Wrath, but it’s one of my favorites. Mr. Turner promises the class that if they read the book and participate in class discussions, they won’t be tested on it. Mr. Feeney insists that they take the test, as a consequence, Corey and Shawn lead their friends in a strike.

In the end, they all have a chat on the Matthews’s back porch and Corey and Shawn don’t have to take the test.

In the end here? Maya sets of a fire alarm and Corey yells at her for a while. Then she says, “There’s no one at home to help me with my homework, and runs off crying.”

I assume to get a leather jacket, a mysterious half brother that appeared as if from nowhere and move into a trailer park. Because that was a Shawn Hunter line if I’ve ever heard one.

The pilot showed that this is going to be a halfway decent kids show. The girl that plays Riley is great, as is Maya. They play well together, and let’s bring Jaquee around whenever OK? It was great to see her. (Maybe we can make a Sister, Sister sequel too? Maybe?) It ended with Corey having a vision of Feeney, saying “Well done, Mr. Matthews,” which was lovely. But we need more Topanga. The total 3 minutes of screen time that Danielle Fishel had were crackling with goodness. She needs more to do.


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