Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 6/25/2014

Marvel didn’t quite hit me the way that DC did this week. But I still found myself pumping my fist a few times. (It was Guardians week after all…) But there was some cool Original Sin stuff, actually, and I’m looking forward to where it leads. And I’m actually grateful for picking up one of them. But for now, let’s go!

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The Amazing Spider-Man #3

Peter’s employees are genuinely freaked out by his change in personality since becoming himself again. Also, Ock did something to Black Cat, because she is royally pissed. Spidey isn’t really sure how to fix this. It’s also worth noting that someone’s been torturing Electro, and now his powers are out of control, and of course he blames Spider-Man. So Black Cat recruits him for a team up. Also, Spider-Man saves a kid from a fire with the help of Mary Jane’s new bf. I particularly enjoyed the part where Peter tried to star “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” at Parker Industries. Peter Parker makes a remarkably awful Bruce Wayne.

Fantastic 4 #6

Original Sin tie in! After Sue freaks because you know, the government took away her children and everything, the team cools it for a while. Also, the government wants to turn off the kid’s android and they’re horrified by the prospect, which of course leads to some serious thinking about the nature of AI and life. Or you know would…if I cared at all about Franklin Richards and his friends and their Android. Which I kind of don’t. Anyway, turns out that when the eye exploded, Ben saw that one time when Reed was trying to cure Ben, Johnny messed it up somehow…poor, poor Ben. It’s going to be hard for him.

Hulk VS Iron Man #1

Back when they were kids, Tony was a huge douche to Bruce Banner, and now Hulk is pissed about it. Also, Hulk punches Iron Man through a building. This is, by the way, one of the first times that I’ve been thrilled about picking up an Original Sin that I wouldn’t otherwise have read. Because this book is awesome.

Original Sins #2: “Black Knight: Black Legacy” “Young Avengers”

There’s an evil sword or something, that a I minor character I know nothing about is infected or addicted to power or something.

Meanwhile, the Young Avengers catch up with the guy they’ve been hunting, The Hood, and he says that he need prodigy to build him a Cerebro so that he can read people’s minds, or something. I don’t know. If I’m truthful, I come to this story for the quips. It’s like OC level quippy.

Also there was a fun little 2 page Howard The Duck Cartoon in the back. I’m greatly enjoying this.

New Avengers Annual #1: “Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme in Self Surgery”

Well, this book was really pretty. But the meandering story about Dr. Strange selling his soul for the power to save and or destroy the world winds up being important, but it’s just not my thing. And it was long.

New Avengers #20: “Blu’dakorr”

The Great Society, who the Illuminati fight in this issue are almost disturbingly Justice Society-esque. I mean, The Norn basically is Dr. Fate. However, let’s not dwell on that, (Except for when Sun God, who basically is Superman takes down Hulk. That was cool to see.) Black Panther and Namor get some good glory moments, but of course Dr. Strange winds up ending the battle with his crazy powers that he received in the Annual. (See? Important.) I’m back on the New Avengers train.

Guardians of The Galaxy #16

The Guardians are at the point where they’re clearly going to get out of their respective prisons. Drax challenges the people who put him on trial to combat. Gamora continues to fight The Brotherhood of Badoon. Rocket is taken off of the operating table. Flash gets the symbiote back from the skrulls. And then there’s Peter. After jumping out out a window, he’s caught by Captain Marvel! After jokingly asking her to marry him. (Don’t joke! Do it! Get married, have adventures! BEST!) He manages to get a gun and call out his father over live, well, not TV, but, you know, so everyone now sees what a waste the Emperor is. But more importantly Star-Lord/Captain Marvel flirting. YAY!

Alright, we’ll see you next week!


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