DC Comics Wrap Up: 6/25/2014

How many times did DC Comics make me cry this week? Why, more than once, that’s for damn sure. Why? Well, we’ll get to that. But I did cry. A few times.

Also, any and all Bat-books ended with a sneak peak of Grayson, and OH MY GOD! Everything about it. Blonde Dick? Sure. I’m in. Breaking into a train? YUP! The old Bruce Wayne, spill a drink to get rid of someone/create a distraction? HE DOES THAT! Sigh, we’ll talk more about it next week, but I really can’t wait to read it.

But in the end, it was a heavy week. As in I read a lot of books, not as in it weighed on me. Although I was in kind of a funk this week, which again, might account for the tears…but mostly, just a lot of feels to go around.

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Superman #32: “The Men Of Tomorrow Chapter One: Ulysses

This issue was sort of a big deal because Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. are starting a run. Now, because of Flashpoint, and to a lesser extent Darkest Night, I will always love Johns. And God, did I love this issue. Perry White is trying to get Clark back to The Planet. Which, YEAH! Look, I like the concept of of Clark The Blogger too. I think we all did. But it didn’t quite work. After saying he’d think about it. Clark went home to make dinner, and here comes the first round of feels. Clark made a couple of phone calls. Diana’s busy with, well, I mean, we saw how busy she was last week right? She’s got a war to fight. Bruce is also like super busy, he’s in like seventeen books, and Lois is out at some bar. Poor, sad lonely Clark. Anyway, then he goes to fight a robot, and it turns out that another refugee from another world (another dimension in fact) is also fighting him. This is Ulysses. I think he’ll probably have stuff to do it Multiversity, don’t you?

Secret Origins #3: “Green Lantern: Freedom From Fear,” “Batwoman: Blood Money,” “Red Robin: Secret Identity”

Much like Batman, I didn’t need much primer on Hal’s origin, as it didn’t really change much with the launch of The New 52. And unlike Superman’s moment in this series, they didn’t take a new angle on it. But I like Hal’s origin so I enjoyed myself.

Kate Kane is a character who’s never really grabbed me. I mean, I get her, and I love her in theory. But I just never cared enough, and I already read too many Bat-family books. But, anyway, seeing her conversation with her father after she is discharged from the armed forces for coming out was great. As was her Batman training montage and the moment where she met her partner Maggie. (Wife? They didn’t end up getting married right? Ugh, DC, so disappointing.)

And then the second round of feels. Red Robin. Tim Drake, you guys. The best guy ever. The New 52 has always been a little bit, well, um, Tim’s origin might be one of the most messed with. No one really knew where he fit into the timeline. Was he ever Robin? And for how long? Like a day? How old was he? Yeah, most of that still didn’t get answered here, but we did learn that Tim Drake isn’t his real name, he changed it when his parents went into witness protection because he stole a bunch of money from the Penguin to get Batman’s attention. Also, he wasn’t Robin, he was always Red Robin, in order to honor Jason. Or something else super dumb. And he decided to not be Bruce’s partner anymore because he needed a new challenge, which HORSE SHIT! Then why all the animosity between him and Damian? I mean, besides Damian’s personality.

His terrible, terrible personality.

But Tim’s tribute to Jason, the brother he hadn’t met yet, and would eventually bond with was really sweet, and thus, feels.

Batman #32: “Zero Year: Savage City”

really need to read Zero Year, because this issue was bonkers good, y’all! Batman, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox are this close to tracker down Riddler, when they lose contact because of some kind of device. Then Batman goes off on his own, after a really emotional speech to Lucius about Luke. (This story takes place in the past, yes? So Luke Fox is not yet Batwing?) Anwyway, that got me feeling things, and then, and then, Oh God! Bruce left a super emotional message to Alfred, and I started crying into my taco. (I was eating at Moe’s.) Anyway, Batman found The Riddler, confronted him, and then fell right into his technicolor straight out of ’66 trap. Then Grayson preview and it was awesome.

Future’s End #8

Got a few answers in Future’s end but still, a Terry free issue can never be called “good.” Anyway, turns out the little girl in the Hot Topic outfit is named Fifty Sue, and she an OMAC! This makes a good deal more sense than anything else that’s happened. Also she was trained by Slade Wilson and she’s going to train Grifter. That’s going to be fun. Meanwhile, Constantine and Midge are still talking about how they know some vague threat is coming. And there appears to be an ancient cult in Vietnam that worshipped Brainiac.

Justice League #31: “Injustice League: Chapter 2 Power Players”

In which Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor sit around in Wayne Manor and chat, and Lex confronts him about being Batman and then they fight, and Alfred holds a gun to Lex’s head. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO HAPPEN TO ME ALL WEEK! Bruce has decided that Lex is not to be in The Justice League and does not let him into the Batcave. Also he adds a new ending to the parable of “The Scorpion And The Frog” where a bat come and eats the scorpion before it can sting the frog. I giggled really hard and how heavy handed and perfect that is. Meanwhile, at The Watchtower, Cyborg and Shazam are hanging out and of course Shazam is bored. So he creates a ping pong table out of magic. And I love him. They play ping pong. Billy/Vic bromance? I’m in. Lexcorp is recruiting Captain Cold for reasons. But I’m always happy to see him. Then The Doom Patrol shows up, because some poor girl is being forced to kill people by Power Ring’s ring. So this is going to be fun.

Catwoman #32: “Race of Thieves: Part 3: Hijack”

Turns out that the Race of Thieves is some kind of distraction, or fixed, or something, but Selina is too busy being distracted by her other case. That old murder and it turns out there’s some kind of ancient illegitimate child involved? This book is pure fun and adreneline, so I never retain much of the plot, but I still really enjoy it. Also, again, Grayson preview.

Batman Beyond Universe #11: “Justice Lords Beyond Part 3”

Terry and Other Terry fight Dick and Lord Superman. Lord Superman fries Terry’s head, Dick and Other Terry are horrified. But it turns out he didn’t. Meanwhile, back in the main universe, Clark and Bruce are kind of done with Diana, and tell her so. Turns out, that kid that Lord Superman and she had has a Damian-esque origin. (She didn’t rape Lord Superman, but he did grow in one of those pod things.) And then they turned him over to The Phantom Zone, for reasons? I don’t really get it. Anyway, he shows up and saves the day as Lord Superman and Diana try to kill each other, and the JLU fight the Future Lords. There’s also a Mr. Miracle and Big Barda subplot, which is always a lot of fun. (Lord Barda is married to Orion because Scott died. This made me cry.)

So that’s where we are folks. Told you it was kind of a heavy week. But hey, if a good comic book does make you weep, what’s the point right?




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