“With The Ideal Conditions In Place”: Translucid #3

Translucid 3

OK, so Cornelius is definitely The Navigator, I’ve got that now. Sure, it took me until the halfway point, but whatever, I’m slow. We’ll all deal with it.

Yes, folks, we’re halfway through this psychadelic, equine and nautical themed superhero story.

Also, this is the first issue to come out since Claudio and Chondra’s son Atlas was born!

Congrats on parenthood, Sanchezes! I bet your kid is going to be a badass.

Anyway, this months story jumped around in time. (As always) But focused mostly on one defining night. When heading home from school, I guess? I’m not sure where the boys were, anyway, Cornelius is going home and Drake is going back to school for a game? OK, so they weren’t at school. Whatever. They were out. So Cornelius runs into some bullies from school who break the controller for his hologram dog. (I know I say it all the time but, you guys, seriously, comics! It’s brilliant.) So he snaps and beats the crap out of them. He’s arrested, and his parents come to pick him up. They then receive a phone call that Drake was killed trying to pull a woman off of subway tracks.

So there’s his Martha/Thomas, Uncle Ben moment.

The other night that gets a spot light is when the Horse tricked The Navigator into killing an innocent bystander. Of course Claudio wouldn’t create a vigilante with a strict “no kill” code. For God’s sake, have you read The Amory Wars? Or listened to “The Final Cut?” Also, clearly, Cornelius has a temper problem.

Anyway, that was this month. I liked seeing our bleeding on the streets moment and the images of horses that keep racing through The Navigators memories are really cool.

I’m also sad that Drake had to die. I liked him. Also, I like that his name is Drake. In my head it’s in tribute to Tim. It’s quite likely that it has nothing to do with Tim. But I’m going to keep thinking that it was.

This issue’s lines that could be lyrics?

“Guess you’ll have to build a new friend.”

“If you don’t pay closer attention, you’ll become the villain”

“It’s the handicap of humanity that we should store our own equilibrium in each other.”

“The are no happy trails little brother. All roads lead to one place, the end.”

So that’s where we are now folks. I know it took me a week to get this up. And for that I apologize. Thanks for waiting though!

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