Batman Eternal 8-11

It’s that time of month again you guys! It’s time to talk about the twists and turns of Batman Eternal. This month took our focus away from Jim Gordon’s case a little bit and focused on how the gang war between Penguin and The Roman was affecting the city as a whole. We also got some more Stephanie action and hey, guys, Jason!

I know it seems like I was obsessed with seeing him, but with two weeklies that are tied deeply into Batman, I felt like him not being around was starting to be glaring. I mean, really, really, glaring. And also, I’m a little obsessed with him. So there’s that.

There was also a whole lot of Selina this month, which was great. I mean it was really, really great.

Issue 8 was a lot about Falcone and Batman sending each other messages, which was pretty fun. Watching Batman beat the crap out of low level thugs with the caveat “I want you to tell your boss about this!” Always makes for good reading, always, always, always! Also, Vicki Vale (UGH) has set Jason Bard in her sights and is bugging him for quotes about police work a whole lot. I understand that a year long Batman story without Vicki would be woefully incomplete, I just dislike her a lot. Turns out that Stephanie’s mom is in on the whole, try to kill her business, and Batman tries to make it work with the acting commissioner, but only escapes arrest because of Bard. I really do like that guy. Also we get the smashed bat signal, because why shouldn’t we just incorporate all of the aspects of The Dark Knight into everything?

Next, Batman goes to Tokyo to investigates Maroni’s work in Hong Kong. (LOGIC! This comic does not have it.) But it does have The Batman of Tokyo and his sidekick, which is great, because I think we can all admit that we miss Batman Incorporated, right? That’s the other part about this whole series that’s been sort of kind of fun. Revisting characters that don’t pop up. (Gaucho also showed up, later). Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Catwoman puts the hurt on The Roman. So that’s fun. Also, it turns out that Alfred’s daughter was also in Tokyo, and Bruce brought her, injured, but super pissed home to Gotham to recuperate.

Then more Catwoman and Marconi stuff, and it’s all really great. Also Professor Pyg. Who is a really great villain and everything, but who I hate seeing these days, because he just makes me want Dick and Damian back. (Grayson next week though! SQUEE!) Also, Stephanie researched her father, and has apparently moved into the Gotham Public Library ventilation system. That’ll be fun. Also there are tons of references to her spoiling things. It’s sort of dumb. But ugh, just whatever. Also, Bruce enlists Jason to babysit rage Barbara. Of course, rather than like, knocking on a door, or entering through the Batcave when summoned, Jason breaks into the manor to show Bruce the holes in his security.

Oh Jason. Never change.

Meanwhile, in South America, Batgirl is looking for the witness to Jim’s shooting and the train derailment, fighting Scorpiana with The Gaucho and being generally angry and badass. Then she gets kidnapped by Jason and Kori! Yay! Kori and Barbara! This is going to be fun! (Less fun in New 52, without Dick, than in old continuity with him, but still, fun!)  Also, Selina gets a letter from her father. I kind of can’t wait to see what that means. I should note that I found that art change in this issue, jarring but in a good way. It’s cartoony and super cool, and once I got my footing with it, I accepted it.

Anyway, that’s this month’s Eternal. I’m psyched that Jason has finally been brought into the story, and kind of love the idea of him and Barbara together. (Not together, together, just around one another.) I like the movement of Steph’s story, loving all of the Selina, and I’m thrilled to see Alfred getting his own thread.


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