DC Comics Wrap Up: 6/18/2014

This was a fun week, in which I have finally whittled down and didn’t feel like I was slogging. I’m starting to plug into characters that I like and even love, and I’ve managed to catch on to most of the storylines that I hadn’t been following in the past. This is all good.

Anyway, let’s dive in to some super fun stuff.


Batman And Robin #32: “Batman & R’as Al Ghul: The Hunt For Robin: Dark of The Sun”

Longest title ever, for an awesome book about Bruce reclaiming Damian’s body from R’as. Also Frankenstein is there. Things go predictably, with a quick reminder of Damian’s truly creepy origin. It’s also nice that Bruce is fighting for his son’s soul at the expense of his life. I mean, it hurts, because I miss the kid. But I’m still holding out hope that he’ll be back by the end of Eternal. I mean, he’ll be back right? We don’t have to wait 20 years like we did for Jason? And speaking of Jason…

Red Hood And The Outlaws #32

Jason had a big week you guys (he was a big part of this week’s Eternal too, finally!) While of course Kori got the worst end of the stick for pin up month…(I mean I get it, they went 80’s instead of 40’s, in theory it’s cool, but in practice, ugh…) But after finally finding their way back to Earth, the gang gets recruited by SHADE, (Also Kori drop kicks a nuke. God, give this girl her own book already!) And something happens to make Kori freak out. Roy makes quips, and Jason tells him to shut up, and it’s everything you want out of Outlaws for a month. There’s even a weird uncomfortable polyamory moment. In case you missed that aspect of this group. (Nobody missed that aspect.)

Future’s End #7

Frankenstein puts the hurt on Black Adam in the Phantom Zone, Terry puts the hurt on Mr. Terrific and Tim/Cal’s girlfriend Madison, who is the daughter of a War Profiteer, as it turns out, yells at Lois to just “leave us alone!” Also, it turns out Roy sent Lois a ton of cryptic information that she has no idea how to use. This fits with the Roy we know a little bit better than I thought. Grifter met his new partner and The Firestorm guys went on with their lives.

Supergirl #32: “Red Daughter of Krypton: Part 4: Homecoming”

So Kara didn’t have a handle on her lantern rage and Guy kicked her out. Good to know. So when she finds herself facing The Diasporans, a group of “the last of their kind” led by The World Killer, Kara goes into Kara Kick Ass Mode and fights the guy. Turns out he speaks Kryptonian, which totally threw her off her game. He declared that he was going to absorb her. Which is hilarious. You can’t absorb Kara Zor-El. She’ll kill you.

Wonder Woman #32: “The Beast of Times”

I love when Wonder Woman gets gross. I really do. It’s one of the only mainstream superhero books that can really carry heavy, heavy, gore without feeling forced. Probably because as a warrior, big battles are a big part of what she’s about. Diana has decided to take back Olympus for her friends, and it’s pretty gross. Also, Orion shows up at the end. Which. YES! More New Gods with Wonder Woman, just, all the time. Also, Wonder Woman’s pin up cover is really cool looking.

Alright you guys. That’s this week. See you all tomorrow for Marvel!


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