DC Comics Round Up: 6/11/2014

HI All! I had a really good time reading this week, probably because I was reading almost all of my favorite books. But it was a heavy week too. I did a lot of reading. So it’s time to get started.

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Batgirl #32: “Deadline Part 1: The Razor Under The Floorboards”

A lot of things happened in this month’s Batgirl, Rick dropped his suit against Jim, after being threatened by Knightfall, we met Alysia’s new girlfriend. After missing on catching Knightfall again, Barbara called Dinah to team up, or possibly just vent, I’m not sure. And then Helena showed up! YAY! But that wasn’t even the part that I was the most excited about. At all! Barbara ran into her college roommate who she thought was dead, but it turns out was recruited by a top secret organization that forces you to cut ties with your entire life to join up with. Is this Spiral? Barbara was super pissed at this friend about it. I can’t wait to see her rage when she (inevitably, probably in a year or two) finds out that Dick’s doing the same thing? (Oh, you guys know me, you know it’s always going to be ship first, plot second.)

Superman/Wonder Woman #9: “Doomed: Enemy of The State: Chapter 2”

I love the structure of this book. I love Clark inside his own head, talking to Doomsday. I love Diana going to all lengths to save him. I love that in the end he flew off, because what else was he going to do? I love that their plan was almost ruing by Kara and Guy Gardner showing up and being all Red Lanterny. (And seriously, I am obsessed with Kara’s Red Lantern uniform…It’s so cool looking!) Doomed continues is Action Comics #33.

Future’s End #6

Guys, I just don’t know with this anymore, but at least Terry was back this time. He’s been hanging out dressed as a homeless man, outside of Terrifitech. He overhears Plastique and a few others arguing about breaking in. Terry has to decide whether it’s worth teaming up with him. Meanwhile, Lois confronts Tim in his bar after he beats up another drunk gropey guy. Then he has to explain to his girlfriend that he is or isn’t Red Robin. It’s confusing. But he’s so beardy and angsty. And what happened to Jason? Seriously. I’m assuming in this timeline that Dick still did the Spiral thing, and Damian is still dead and we know that Connor and Cassie are dead, or do we? On her way out Lois almost gets attacked and Superman, or is it? Saves her. He’s wearing a mask and helmet, which is very un-Superman of him. What happens now?

World’s Finest #24: “I must Be Going Part 2″

After tracking down a dirty bomb, Helena saves a young scientist and stops the bomb from going off. It’s cool to watch her work. Meanwhile, Karen flies in circles around a nuclear core to keep in from detonating and can’t go help her partner. Honestly? My favorite part of this book is how action packed and light it is. There’s almost no angst. Makes for a nice change. Karen still wants to go home. I get the feeling, from her showing up in Batgirl that Helena won’t be going with her.

Justice League United #2: “Justice League Canada Part 3”

This week, they fought a rock monster and got stuck in a stasis field. Also, they found Alanna. Lobo and Hawkman kept fighting and Star Girl and Martian Manhunter didn’t flirt and it was stupid. Also it turns out that a group of aliens decided to create the ultimate super-being by combining a bunch of DNA. Then an evil scientist co-opted the plan…and that’s what they have to stop I guess? Also Supergirl showed up! Yay! She was wearing her normal costume though, so I wonder what’s going to happen to make her part ways with the Red Lanterns?

Birds of Prey #32: “Expectations”

I’m behind of Birds, so um, when did a Talon join the gang? EIther way, it’s a good fit, and I’m psyched to see where that goes. Dinah and her husband, brought back to life by just a drop of Lazarus Pit, and he doesn’t remember her and it’s hard. Whatever, can this guy be gone so that she and Green Arrow can get together? Have they even met in The New 52? It’s frustrating. But I love her. Anyway, then The Birds run into Harley Quinn and The Suicide Squad and get ready to fight. So, that’ll be good.


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