Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 6/4/2014

I really need to get it together with this Marvel thing. I think part of the problem is that there are just so many Marvel Titles. There are like 4 different Avenger Teams, and 7 different X-Men, and Original Sin, and it’s just a tad bit overwhelming for those of us who are just trying to keep up. But I’m starting to level out a little bit more.

But for this week, we have 9 books, so let’s just get started.

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Original Sin #3

Wow, is this story getting good. Bucky killed The Watcher and the book ended with him cutting off Nick Fury Sr.’s head and shouting, “NO MORE SECRETS NICK!” It’s the kind of crazy camp greatness that is making me love this story. Of course The Winter Soldier would snap and not want anyone’s secrets to be secret anymore. It makes perfect sense. He’s lived his whole built around secrets, lies and deception. So yeah, this development makes perfect sense to me, but also caught me off guard. That’s a good twist.

Amazing X-Men #8: “World War Wendigo Part 1

Wolverine went back to Canada. (Don’t forget he doesn’t have healing factor at the moment  and we know that he’s going to die.) He went to help out his Alpha Flight friends, which was nice of him, I guess. Meanwhile, back at The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. (The only name possibly more awkward and pretentious that “Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters.”) Storm is worried about him and interogates all of the kids about his whereabouts before making Rachel Summers find him on Cerebro. He encounters Wendigo and the team suits up to go after him. It’s a part 1, it’s mostly set up. But Ice Man still made me laugh, so I read on.

Amazing X-Men Annual: “Goddess”

Everyone goes back to Africa and Storm has to save her cousin. They fight some people, Storm is completely bad ass. (She’s my favorite of the X-Men, always has been, since I was little). I really liked this story. I don’t currently like her look. The Mohawk has to go, Ororo. It simply has to.

Magneto #5

Erik has been living in a small town biding his time and trying not to call attention to himself. He is confronted by a woman named Briar Raleigh, who decides to help get him rededicated to being the badass mutant defending crazy man he should be. Did she succeed? We won’t know until next month. But I’m going with yes.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2

It appears that Doc Ock has made a deal with Mephisto, which is one possible explanation for Peter Parker’s recent emergence. The other is Miles’s go to, “Clone.” See, when Miles was not so willing to give up being Spider-Man, Peter kind of freaked and they fought. It was great. But then Miles spent two pages shouting “Clone!” And webbing through the air which was even better. I really do like this kid. Anyway, he met up with his friends and might just be telling his girlfriend that he’s Spider-Man.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5: “This Mission Will Self Destruct in Five Seconds.”

I would love this book just for the art alone, honestly. It’s absolutely stunning. But add the fun prison break story, where Loki and Lorelei get Sigurd out of Asgardia and then Loki confronts his alternate future self, and The All-Mother, also the portrayal of Thor as a kind of meat head with a heart of gold (how he should always be shown) I’m 100% in on this story. Now he’s a renegade. It’s going to be pretty stinking amazing.

Cyclops #2

This was already on my pull list after I’d decided not to read it anymore. Scott and his father go to a planet and talk to a black market drug dealer. Scott plays virtual reality and flirts with an alien girl. They fight people with laser swords. I don’t care. That’s why I’m dropping the book.

Captain America #21: “Super-Soldier No More”

Cap fights a super human who wants to takes down America and then the world, I assume. He manages to zap The Captain of his powers and strength and turn him into the old man that he probably should be by rights. Falcon gets there but not soon enough. So, will Sam be donning the mantle until something happens to get Steve right? It’s possible (maybe even likely).

Black Widow #7:  “Fog Of War”

Save the best for last right? This month, Natasha went to San Francisco to fight some cyber terrorists. It didn’t work out and she wound up having sexual tension with/getting thrown out of town by Dare Devil. I’m almost always in favor of people having sexual tension with Matt Murdoch and I know they have a history, and there were plenty of ninja kicks and ‘plosions, and seriously, can Nat have a movie now? Thanks.

Alright you guys, I’ll see you next week!


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