DC Comics Wrap Up: 6/4/2014

ey all! So I had some serious catch up work to do this week, because I’d accidentally forgotten last week’s Future’s End and Secret Origins. Anyway, let’s just dive in, OK? There’s a lot of stuff going on so let’s dive in.

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Action Comics #32: “Doomed: Enemy of The State Chapter 1: Nightmare”

I’m going to be honest. I’ve been fully absorbed into Doomed. It’s pulled me into Superman in a way I really didn’t expect to be. And this issue was doubly exciting because it featured the Variant Cover of Supergirl in a Pinup Position and I can’t wait to frame it and hang it in the nerd corner. But also, everyone has decided to track down Superman/Doomsday, but General Lane and John Corbin shot a whole bunch of Kryptonite at him and now Superman is gone. There is only Doomsday. Meanwhile, Lana and Diana have a tense phone conversation about this and it’s pretty great.

Green Arrow #32

I haven’t been keeping up with Green Arrow, but I do love me some Oliver Queen, so this was a pretty fun to read. Basically, The Dragon has kidnapped John Diggle in a desire to draw out Green Arrow as revenge for the death of his father. But it turns out it was Diggle who killed his father! Gasp. Interesting that in The New 52, Ollie defends Seattle, not Starling City. Intersting detail there, and frankly, kind of annoying. With all his Earth-boundness and political leanings, Green Arrow has always been one of the more Marvel-y of the DC heroes, but that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have his own fictional city anymore. Stupid New 52.

Future’s End 4-5

4 had Tim Drake, sorry, Cal Claremont, running through Central Park with his girlfriend, who was trying to get him to open up about his past. He was at least, somewhat honest with her, I would guess. He noted that he was from Gotham, and that he left after the war and that all of his friends and family are dead. I’m guessing that this isn’t strictly true, since we know that Bruce is still alive, but they’re clearly estranged, as when Tim sees Terry on a giant screen he mumbles, “Another one for the meat grinder.” Them’s fighting words, Drake. Meanwhile, S.H.A.D.E. and Father Time have recruited Frankenstein, who was also in Batman & Robin last week, and I don’t care much. Still just the one sight of Terry and what the hell you guys? Meanwhile, Grifter gets himself kidnapped and paralyzed because sure.

5 gave us the launch of eSphere, which I assume is what’s going to evolve into Brother Eye. Mr. Faraday, the weird, possibly evil guy who kidnapped Grifter lectures him about how he doesn’t know what’s going on and sends him Cadmus island to partner with  a little girl with laser eye powers to kill heroes or something? I’m not sure what’s going to happen there. Also, Firestorm continued to be a douche, but they broke up, and it’s sad. Also John Constantine was in a crop circle.

Still no Terry. What the stinking hell man?

Secret Origins #2: “Batman: The Man in Shadow,” “Aquaman: Graduation,” “Starfire”

Did we really need a Batman: Secret Origins? We all know his origin. Dead Parents. Epic travel training. Dark night of the soul. Bat flies through window. Didn’t everyone who’d pick this up read Year One? Anyway, that happened.

I liked the Aquaman story. I haven’t read any Aquaman, but it was kind of cool to see teenage Arthur go on his own Batman quest.

Sigh. Starfire. Look, I love Kori, but I couldn’t have been the only person who wanted more than the war princess traded into slavery, lead a riot story. Was she a Titan? Did she know Dick Grayson? What happened to make her so vacant and bimboey in the first volume of Outlaws instead of her badass competent self that she eventually got to? I’m not overly shocked that the ball was dropped again with her, but I wanted something. *Sigh*


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