Designated, My New Obsession

I haven’t even gotten to the stage in my latest obsession where I’ve shared the fact that I’m obsessed with it with the people in my life. (Except my mom, because she overhead it and asked.) I’m still at the point, where even though I know that this is a thing that’s out in the world, that lots and lots of people like, I’m like, “this is my thing. I will not share it! I want to horde all the fun for me!” This will pass fairly soon, and I’ve decided I’m going to push it in order to write this blog post.

I’m talking about The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

As I’ve mentioned before, over the past six months or so I’ve gotten really into Podcasts. (If there’s stuff you like, point me toward it, because I’m always looking for new stuff!) When Ben Acker and Ben Blacker were on The Nerdist a few weeks ago, my interest was piqued. I decided to check out this Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Um, I am both glad and terrified that I did that. I have spent the past few weeks just listening constantly to the stories in this podcast. I cannot get the Sparks Nevada theme out of my head. AT ALL.

He rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars. He’s from Earth.

It took me about a minute to fall endlessly in love with Beyond Belief, which is about Frank and Sadie Doyle, who are Nick and Norah Charles, but they see ghosts instead of solving murders. I love The Thin Man, and this hysterical riff on it is pitch perfect.

And then there’s Captain Laserbeam.

How do I describe Captain Laserbeam?

Like, if Captain Planet and Batman from ’66 and Superman at his best mixed their DNA, it might sort of approximate Captain Laserbeam.

First of all, he’s played by John DiMaggio. (You know him as Bender, I know him as Doctor Draken.) And he fights ridiculously themed villains, with the help of his Adventurekateers. One of his fellow superheroes is Phillip Phathom, the undersea detective, who is Batman, but under the sea. (His parents died, at sea…) it’s all so stinking brilliant.

The whole show is underwritten by Patriot Brand Cigarettes and Work Juice Coffee, and performed by amazing actors like Paul F. Thompkins. It’s a great show.

But I guess, I’m at the point in my obsession where I want to find other people who are obsessed. So this is my shout into oblivion (See, see, I am familiar with TFIOS…I know that’s a thing…) asking for other fans of this thing to come forward and hang out with me. I’ll start push it on my friends who I think would like it shortly. That’s the next phase.

But for now there’s this.



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