Oberyn Martell & Sansa Stark: Character Winners for “The Mountain And The Viper”

Ladies and Gentleman! We have our first ever tie!

I had a feeling going in to this episode that I was going to give it to Oberyn Martell. I mean, come on, taking on the role as Tyrion’s champion and fighting The Mountain? That was going to make for damn good TV, even though as a walking talking spoiler alert. (A name given to me by my friend Greg, he suggest I wear a T-Shirt!) I knew that it would not end well for the handsome, brave, super cool Dornishman. While he was confronting his opponent (who he would have beat were it not for this) he did and Inigo Montoya recitation of The Mountain’s crime against his sister Elia.

“Before I kill you I want to hear you say confess that you raped her, murdered her, and killed her children.”

You do not happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

You do not happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

He recited these over and over again, and his insistence on hearing the confession as well as the implication of Tywin, lost him his life (the Mountain Died too) and got Tyrion sentenced to death as well. Because of Pride. It’s sad really. But it was a badass last stand.

Now, onto Sansa!

Sansa like a BOSS!

Sansa like a BOSS!

OK, this is one storyline where I did not know where they were going to go. They’ve changed enough details in what’s going on with Sansa and Littlefinger at the Vale (among other things, Sansa didn’t dye her hair dark to disguise her identity, Alayne is identifyed as Baelish’s neice, where as in the books she’s his bastard daughter, and also, she’s older here, so there’s that.) Sansa confessing, mostly the truth to the Lord’s of The Vale is all new, and it was amazing. Sansa is learning. Now Baelish owes her one. A big one. His life, basically. And what’s so great is Sansa knows it! Which is going to be amazing.

Runner up goes to Arya, because bursting into hyterical laughter when you can’t feel anything anymore is an amazing reaction.

And can we all get a big ol fangirl Squee for Missandei and Grey Worm? Holy Crap!

But for now:

Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorn, The Red Viper of Doom, congratulations on your win, and Rest in Fictional Peace. We shall miss your almost orgies and your vaguely threatening but beautiful speeches to the Lannisters.

And Lady Sansa Stark-Lannister, what can I say? Even if that walk down the stairs at the end was mega creepy, it’s nice to hold one over the head of the guy who’s constantly give you rape eyes.


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