Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 5/28/2014

I keep buying too many Marvel books to keep this sustainable, but at least I’m getting a lot out of these stories. It will also help when Original Sin is over and I stop buying books that I ordinarily wouldn’t read, but are connected to that event, however tangentially.

Anyway, here we go, here’s this week’s books:

photo (5)

Avengers #30: “Fifty Into The Future”

I heart time travel. I heart Avengers, which is why this was probably my favorite book of the week. After destroying one of the multiple earths they’ve been destroying, I presume because Iron Man said so? I don’t really get the reasoning about this one. But, anyway, they get to the future, 50 years or so, and meet up with The Avengers of that Era, and old Hawkeye punches Tony in the face and it is awesome! Basically, there are a lot of problems that have been caused by this crashing dimesions into one another. (Shocking!) So, over 200 years in the future? What happens then? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Deadpool #29: “The Honeymoon is Over”

Look, I get why people love Deadpool. Heck, every once in a while, I love Deadpool. But I can also honestly say that I wouldn’t have picked up this book if it wasn’t in Original Sin. Of course, it’s barely connected. While rendezvousing with Dazzler, The Merc With The Mouth runs into some S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents on their way to the big battle from the last Original Sin. That’s all. Also, he’s currently married to a vampire? I don’t know. If he’s not slicing up targets, making smart comments and eating tacos, I’m not particularly interested. Sorry.

Disney Kingdoms Seekers of The Weird #5

I wanted to pick up this series earlier and kept forgetting to and now um, well, I liked it, but I didn’t really understand what was happening, because it was the final battle. Woops. However, I will be reading Figment from the beginning. Let’s all sing the imagination song you guys because, I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Uncanny Avengers #20: “Avenge The Earth Part 3”

Hey! Marvel, you tricked me! This isn’t an Avengers story at all, it’s an X-Men story that has Thor in it! Oh well, here we go. The Summers Brothers and their friends have to save Janet Van Dyne (who’s married to Alex these days? Good to know…) from Magneto and Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Thor is fighting a lot of people with blue skin, there are some fires and in the end they see a bunch of stuff falling from the sky.

Thanos Annual #1

I’m pretty sure I had gleaned all of the information about Thanos included here from my various readings of his past adventures and his Wikipedia page. But it was a cool book with some fun retro style art, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Giant-Size Spider-Man One Shot

Sigh, I think since I started reading comics in the past year, I’ve read like, sixteen different versions of Spider-Man’s origin. This had that, plus stories about Spidey’s first encounters with Vulture, Doc Ock and Sandman. The Sandman story is pretty fun, as we see the encounter from both Peter’s perspective and Flash’s. Peter thinks Flash is in the way, Flash thinks that he’s helping his favorite hero out. It’s a fun way to look at it.

Guardians of The Galaxy #15

Again with the tricking! I was promised Captain Marvel! There was no Captain Marvel, but luckily, I love The Guardians. After finding out that his father was going to kill his friends, Star Lord gave up his autonomy to save them. It’s a nice gesture, if a bit empty, because they might not be able to be helped. Also, more Flash! He was tricked by a group of people posing as his Avengers crew, and eventually say through the ruse. Good for you Flash. Also Peter got away, because that’s what Star Lord does, he escapes from things. Also, Groot is being tortured in a desert and I feel bad for him.

Fantastic Four #5: The Fall of The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are on trial, which makes for a good way to recap a whole bunch of their adventures and show us a lot about them. Good job, Marvel writers. Meanwhile, The Richards’ daughter is hanging out with Dr. Doom, because of reasons, and all of the super powered kids that they’ve been taking care of, are now in the care of the government. And She-Hulk, (their lawyer! Comics!) feels guilty for not being able to get them off. I’m glad I picked this up, because while, the double sized issue had a slow beginning, I was hooked around the middle.

Alright! I’m actually not going to write about comics, probably until next week’s wrap ups…I burned myself out in the past week. It happens from time to time. But it’s still going to be fun!


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