Batman Eternal 4-7

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Alright, we’re into month 2 of Batman Eternal. And I’m really enjoying the ride, because its Scott Snyder, you guys, I don’t think I can stress enough how really really good at writing Batman Snyder is.

This month was pretty much, Batman’s friends came to play. But not Jason, for some reason. (I know the reason. Jason is in space, probably. He seems to be in space a whole heck of a lot lately.)”

Issue 4 gave us Batgirl fighting to prove her father’s innocence. I love Barabara so much, and her sheer righteous anger at her father’s incarceration. She’s pissed about this, but not nearly as pissed as she is that Bruce isn’t willing to focus on it. As we move through the year, I’m going to assume that she’s going to be the point person on the Gordon case moving forward, because I mean, like she’s going to focus on Carmine Falcone fighting the penguin while her father is falsely accused of multiple murders and obstruction of justice? Please, that’s not who Barbara Gordon is.

Issue 5? Why it’s Tim Drake you guys! I expected Tim to show up and immediately start have awkward longing glances with Stephanie. (They are so good at awkward longing glances, guys, so good.) Instead he did the other thing Tim is really good at, hit people with a bow staff, and make Bruce feel guilty for not connecting with the people in his life. There was a long speech about how difficult losing Damian and Dick has been. By Tim, obviously. No one wants to watch Bruce talk about his feelings. That’s ridiculous. Also Vicki Vale and Harper showed up here, which was super fun. Especially when they got in trouble and Tim showed up, because I love Cullen’s crush on Tim.

Issue 6 shows up and The Spectre and Batwing took center stage, having to go to Arkham and fight a ghost. That’s all, I mean, the thing about a 52 issue story is that not every issue is going to be a huge deal, some of them are just going to be a whole lot of fun.

7 was Catwoman time. While Batman fought Professor Pyg (sigh, Pyg makes me miss Dick and Damian, you guys, like a whole lot.) Selina infultrated the Iceberg Casino and had a chat with Penguin about the upcoming gang war. Both Pyg and Penguin wound up getting their headquarters blown up, Batman and Catwoman flirted and we still don’t know exactly what Falcone wants, besides the destruction of Batman and mob control of Gotham City again. Which should be enough of a goal, frankly, but this is Snyder, so I expect some kind of twist down the line!

Also, I realize that this is a very heavy week, comic book wise. Going to keep being so. Tomorrow and Thursday will probably not be about comics, but Friday (and obviously Saturday and Sunday) will be. Just so happened that this month’s Eternal post hit the same week as Translucid, and Ms. Marvel. So, thanks for bearing with me!

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