Two Giants Coming Head To Head For The First Time: Translucid #2

It was a good week for Game of Thrones to be on a break, because it’s Translucid week! There’s space in the schedule for the write up.



Despite my best efforts to evaluate this like any other story or GN, Translucid is always going to feel like a concept album to me. Probably, because as songwriters, Claudio and Chondra are just going to write more lyrically. But, Claudio also just creates really great characters and the two boys who are at the center of “Brother’s in Arms,” Cornelius and Drake Kinderland definitely belong in that pantheon. The sons of an abusive father and mother in denial, Cornelius is something of a genius (and probably the Horse, right? I got that right?) and Drake is a football star who wears a compass around his neck. (Is he Navigator? Or is Cornelius? I can’t wait to find out.)

This issue felt a good deal more like Batman than #1, with The Navigator finding The Horse’s calling card and talking with a police officer at the scene of a crime. We also saw the first confrontation between hero and villain, a blown bridge, a choice between catching the bad guy and saving innocents? This is a theme that I think we all can get behind.

Daniel Bayliss’s art is continuing to captivate me and I’m obsessed with the colors here. The characters are also beautiful drawn, and the boys in particular jump off the page.

It’s another pretty great entry from this story.

This month in lines that could be lyrics:

“The intersection of power and devotion is powerful stuff”

“Greatness in others is intimidating, but some see it as bar that been set high. They tilt their own eyes skyward.”

“Hold your horses. Lawmakers don’t cross this line.”

“When will you learn that you’re not exempt from following orders simply because you create laws.”

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