Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 5/21/2014

Hey guys! I’m starting to cull down. I mean, not really, but we’re getting there. I think.

After Days of Future Past I was kind of in a Marvel state of mind this week. So let’s get started shall me.

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Amazing X-Men #7: “No Goats, No Glory”

So, remember how I said, “no more X-Men?” I lied, because I am going to keep reading, Amazing, as long as it keeps me laughing. In today’s issue, Ice Man and Spider-Man and a Fire Girl X-Man who I don’t know fight over an alien baby who was left in place of a goat that Spider-Man was babysitting. (It’s a long story, apparently. I don’t care, I just love that sentence.) Anyway, they eventually retrieve the goat and return the baby. But along the way Peter shouts, “Don’t open that space diaper.” So that wins.

The Amazing Spider-Man #2

Poor Peter, he spent a lot of time this week cleaning up after Doc Ock and being confused. Luckily, now Anna knows that Peter is Peter again and they’ve broken up? Maybe? I don’t know. But, Peter did punch Captain America in the face after learning that Flash is now venom. Also he made a joke about Smash, because sometimes the universe really really loves me.

Daredevil #3

I’m really into Daredevil lately, I’m really enjoying him when he pops up in different stories, and I like this one. Plot wise, I don’t remember much, I think Matt was fighting The Owl, who is a reclusive crazy billionaire type. I just really liked the feel of this book, and I love the 60’s pop art style that Javier Rodriguez does, and I think I was laughing some more. I just really enjoyed the book.

Hulk #3: “Who Shot The Hulk?”

OK, this time I read the “previously on” blurb at the beginning of the issue, so I think I get what’s happening here. Bruce Banner was shot in the head, and that’s why he’s acting like a stupid child. His brain has to heal, so he can’t hulk out, but he keeps doing it anyway and it’s causing problems, especially now that The Abomination is around. But, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man show up, yell at Maria Hill for a while and fight The Abomination. Sadly, Banner does not recognize his friends. What happens next?

Nova #17: “Home Alone”

Poor Sam, nothing can go right for him. After learning that his family is going to be evicted from their house, Sam brings a giant block of gold home, but it’s radioactive and his mom yells at him about it. So he throws it into the sun. Then while babysitting his sister, he falls asleep and she puts the Nova helmet on and blasts a hole in their kitchen wall. This book was a fun little diversion before Sam gets thrown headlong into Original Sin, and I really enjoyed it. You know I love my teen superheroes.

Original Sin #2: “Bomb Full of Secrets”

As the main cast tries to figure out who is behind the death of the watcher, all the superheroes in New York are fighting the guy who actually pulled the trigger. Also, Emma Frost and Black Panther are underground looking at weird half animal skeletons and Tony Stark is doing computer analysis in his helmet but a bathrobe. Look, I’m barely tracking the plot here, but what I’m loving are the character descriptions in this series, “Bruce Banner: Not To Be Made Angry” and “The Orb: Z-List Supervillain With An Eyeball For A Head.”

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