DC Comics Wrap Up: 5/21/2014

I got ahead of it this week you guys! I read the books on Wednesday night! Of course it was still a scramble before going out last night to get this written up, but the actual reading didn’t feel forced this week. I’m getting into the groove here! (Also, none of this week’s books felt obligatory. I really wanted to read all of them.)

So here we go!

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Future’s End #3

The complete and total lack of Terry in this week’s issue was made up for by a beardy Tim Drake throwing jerk offs who won money off of Green Arrow’s death out of the bar where he works. Lois Lane is there, she was sent by Roy Harper, which, I mean, again, Roy? Why does Roy all of a sudden have all of this information. He knows where Tim is hiding out after faking his own death? I don’t quite buy it. Even though, as we shall see presently, Roy was pretty bad ass this week. Also Frankenstein was in China. Firestorm continued to be a massive tool, and Grifter kept looking for those aliens of his, and Mr. Terrific and team kept watching video of Terry. But mostly, Tim! With a beard! Beating up drunk bar jerks! This is great stuff people!

Batman Beyond Universe #10: Justice Lords Beyond Truth and Justice

So the lack of Terry in Future’s End this week, must have been because we had two Terry’s this time around. Granted, because Terry’s busy with 3 timelines right now (oy!) that’s not too hard to figure. We learned more about The Justice Lord’s timeline this time around. Turns out that while AU Wonder Woman and Lord Batman were living happily ever after. (Still, so much ugh!) Lord Superman and Lord Wonder Woman were together. But then Lord Wonder Woman and Lord Batman killed each other and then AU Wonder Woman and Lord Superman got married and had a kid named Zod, and he’s in the mainline universe. The JLU fought their mirror versions. Meanwhile, in much more important news, in the Justice Lord timeline DICK AND BARBARA ARE MARRIED! This is now my favorite DC Universe. The end. Forever.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #31: The Big Picture

Guys, I love Red Hood And The Outlaws, I shouldn’t, it’s like, the dumbest book in the world, and they ruined Starfire, and blah, blah, blah, feminist conscience, etc. But then, I mean, there’s an issue like this one, where Roy tricks Lobo into teleporting off of their ship and Jason and Kori are all impressed because he did something right. I love the New 52 version of Roy, as this sort of off kilter smart ass who sort of knows how to do stuff, and everyone’s always surprised. I don’t know, I dig it. Also, apparently I’m surprised, as I don’t buy his incarnation in Future’s End. Also, I hope we find out what happened to Jason there. And I hope Jason shows up in Eternal soon too. I mean, jeez.

Wonder Woman #31: “This Monster’s Gone Eleven”

I really love the “Diana as The New God Of War” thing. I mean, I really do. Also, so much of the Wonder Woman stuff I’ve been reading lately has been here with the rest of the group, (Superman, Batman, the rest of the league), that I forgot how much I do really like her stories on their own. Diana, now Queen and Goddess of War is trying to rule Paradise Island and make it more male friendly. I don’t love that, but I get it. She’s still sheltering Zola and her son Zeke, and she’s brought the sons of Paradise Island home. We’ll see how that goes. But I liked the book. My favorite thing about Wonder Woman as a series is the unbridled violence. (Really, I mean that! It works best that way.) And there was plenty of that. So keep it going. Also the Greek stuff. More Greek stuff.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #11: “Choices”

I really liked the issues of this book that were included in Trinity War, but this book, eh, less so. But also Vandal Savage is the main villain, (it would appear) so I’ll probably at least pick up one more issue before giving up on it. Also, I love any book that sets up two female heroes at odds with one another (Pandora and S.H.A.D.E. Agent Kincaid), so we’ll see how that goes. But it was also a pretty boring, so there’s that.

Batman/Superman #11: “Danger Zone”

In order to try to cure Superman from his infection by Doomsday, Batman, Wonder Woman and Steel go to the Phantom Zone for, some reason. I didn’t really understand why, but Bruce did a hell of a lot of brooding and I greatly enjoyed it. Also Diana kicked some asses. Kind of like how Roy was the shit this week, Diana kicked lots of ass. But she always does. Also, the whole issue was about the three heroes deciding “What would Superman do?” This makes sense to me, except that I’ve always kind of loved the idea that Bruce doesn’t much care whatB Clark would do. But it makes for a cool exercise none the less. 

Batman & Robin #31: “Batman And Frankenstein”

Batman and Frankenstein talk abou why resurrecting Damian is disrespectful and bad idea. They decide to find R’as and Damian and Talia’s bodies. I disagree with them, because obviously, resurrecting Damian is the best idea ever.

Supergirl #31: “Red Daughter Part 3: Judgement Day”

I love the idea of Kara as a Red Lantern. She’s always had a lot of anger. And I like that she’s trying to teach other new Red Lanterns to control their anger and focus it, as she learned how to. But in other news, I like it better when Kara is in New York with her friends saving humans and accidentally knocking down buildings than when she runs around with Guy Gardner as a red lantern saving planets from her renegade brethren…but I am also already thinking about how to make a Kara Red Lantern Cosplay for New York Comic Con this year…so there’s that…

See you guys tomorrow for Marvel!



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