Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 5/14/2014

Yesterday I noted that I bought too many books this week. The good news? I’ve decided that I really don’t like reading X-Men. I just don’t. So, no more X-Men books. That’ll save me time/energy/money. But let’s pick up and move right into this weeks reading. Nothing hit me quite as much as She-Hulk did last week, but I still enjoyed myself. And we got to check in with the Guardians. Which I’m always up for.


Captain Marvel #3: “Higher, Further, Faster, More”

About three weeks ago I decided that I want Marvel Studios to give Captain Marvel to Rob Thomas, and for Carol Danvers to be played by Kristin Bell. Think about it. Anyway, I loved this issue and I realized that I wanted to read Captain Marvel because I love Miss Marvel so much…it’s a long and tortuous process. Anyway, Carol is trying to reclaim her ship from a teenager who stole it, with the help of Star-Lord. She brings the kid home to her refugee people. Turns out, Carol was on the wrong side of this one, or it’s more complicated than she thought and now she’s going to really help these people save themselves from some deadly disease that’s killing them. I’m looking forward to it. (Also the cuteness between Carol and Peter is great. Even if Peter is still totally hot for Kitty Pryde)

Cyclops #1

I don’t know why out of all of the original X-Men who have been hurtled forward through time, they decided to give Scott his own book. I mean, look, I’m cool with intergalactic Daddy issues and everything, but this was taking things a little too far, even for my taste. I don’t want to watch teenage Cyclops write agnsty letters to teenage Jean Grey about how leaving her behind with his adult (disappointing) self was maybe not the best idea. (It wasn’t, but we  can get to that in All New X-Men). He space walks, his father worries about taking care of him, they go on a mission. I”m just not into this story line. Which is weird, because I normally love teenage angst, ah, well. Moving on.

All New X-Men #27

So why was it a bad idea for Scott to leave Jean? Not because in the last issue there was that weird moment between Teen Jean and Adult Scott last issue. But because it turns out when she gets annoyed Emma Frost is just going to bonk the poor girl on the head and also she’s going to get kidnapped by the abandoned son of Charles Xavier and Moira McTaggart…Look, I’m just not sold on this story line, and I’m letting it go. So, no more. We’re done.

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Half the point of The Ultimate Universe is that when people die there, they stay dead. So when they killed off Peter Parker, it was kind of a big deal. But I’ve always liked the idea of Miles in concept and now, in execution. Miles is dealing with that fact that his father took off when he told him he was Spider-Man and is trying to decide if telling his girlfriend is the best bet. So he of course decides that the person to talk to about this is Mary Jane Watson. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not a fan of MJ but the little speech she gives to Miles about how it’s important that he’s careful who he tells his secret too is lovely. But then Miles goes home. And he hears someone, thinks it’s his dad and it turns out that it’s Peter Parker! Does this mean that resurrection is now a thing in the Ultimates Universe? We’ll find out.

Captain America #20: “The Iron Nail”

I love Cap. He’s by far my favorite Marvel Superhero, and my third favorite after Batman and Nightwing. I love this book and I like the fact that Steve’s ultimate fantasy is a ticker tape parade that he watches with Sharon and Ian. (Who are dead, btw). So why was he having this fantasy? Some bad guys were brainwashing him. He fights back. He beats them. He’s sad. I just really liked this book. It was straightforward and a whole lot of fun. Which is more than I can say for the next book that I want to talk about.

Avengers #29: “Infinite Avengers”

I picked this one up because it was a part of Original Sin (I’ll be reading all of those books.) Basically, Cap has been having repeated nightmares, or possibly all of the Caps are having the same ones. I’m not exactly sure. Anyway, he discovers The Illuminati and their mission of invading and destroying other worlds. He doesn’t approve (shocking) and he and Tony have all kinds of arguments about it and it’s great. I’m not sure how this links in to Original Sin, but I’m glad that I picked it up.

Iron Man #25: “Rings of The Mandarin”

I’m sorry, I have like zero interest in watching Tony fly around fighting Dark Elves for Mandarin rings. (Which is what this issue does.) So, this one was probably a mistake. I’ve learned. There was some cool action and neat art, but not too much.

New Avengers #18

Remember those other world invasions that Cap was so opposed to? Here we saw the planning of one and it was pretty stinking great. As The Illuminati got ready to strike, they each prepared in their own way, but mainly, Black Panther communed with his ancestors and asked for their wisdom and if they thought he was doing the right thing. T’Challa is starting to grow on me in a big way, and I’m very glad to be getting to know him. These images were also stunning, really, the art in this book is exceptional.

Well, that’s this week. See you next week for more comics round up! The next few weeks will probably be shorter. Yay!



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