Tyrion Lannister: Character Winner For “The Laws Of Gods And Men”

I was starting to miss Tyrion being the best character in the history of television, so I was really glad that this episode finally gave him one of those moments that makes him that. His freak out speech at the end of “The Laws of Gods And Men” might be one of the best speeches ever on this show, and there are all kinds of really great speeches on this show.


Tyrion is a character so loved and so perfectly cast in Peter Dinklage that there’s literally nothing that could have gone wrong in this episode when it came to him. Yes, we all knew that he was more than likely going to be found guilty of killing Joffrey but the way that it happened was great. The idea that Jaime was doing his utmost to save his brother was great, even agreeing to move to Casterly Rock and marry a suitable woman. (It didn’t escape me, or probably anyone that by all standards Tywin would be measuring by, Brienne is a suitable woman for Jaime…money, a name, and a womb that can grow babies. All there.)

But Tyrion, who straight up lost it, when Shae testified against him was the clear winner here. He reminded the entire watching crowd that he saved their lives at the Blackwater, he brought up Sansa’s abuse and said that he wished that he’d killed Jofffrey, but he totally didn’t do it. Then he demanded trial by combat, which really pissed Jaime off.

So, congratulations, Lord Tyrion Lannister, Heir of Casterly Rock, The Imp, The Master of Coin, congratulations of winning tonight’s episode! You were great and I hope that your second trial goes well.

Also, I should note that Ser Davos Seaworth, The Onion Knight got runner up this week, because HOLY CRAP was that sweet. Also, it was nice to see Osha/Yara tonight. She’s a total badass. Way to go!


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