Gotham Babies

It’s kind of weird that the Gotham trailer got the Muppet Babies theme song stuck in my head right?

Batman Babies, we'll make out dreams come true!

Batman Babies, we’ll make our dreams come true!

Please don’t think that this tempers my excitement about this show at all. I’m still over the moon excited about it. The fact that it includes the Year One image of Bruce positioned between the bloody bodies of Thomas and Martha Wayne is just the beginning of everything about it that just feels right. Oh, sure it was over the top but there is nothing, I repeat nothing that can make me less excited about seeing Ben McKenzie with black eyes and a bloodied lip again.

Nothing will make me less excited about seeing Donal Logue give McKenzie lectures about duty, about life on the streets, about the GCPD’s war against crime.

Nothing will make me less excited for young Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nigma and their smiling, sneering pale faces.

Of images of 12 year old Bruce standing on the edge of a building with his arms spread open, babbling about how he’s going to conquer fear.

For 12 year old Selina camped out on the roof of Wayne Manor.

And my God, if intense heart to hearts between Bruce and Jim Gordon are going to be a staple of this show, I am going to lose my mind. In the good way. It’s funny, there aren’t a lot of things that send me into a full on fangirl tailspin these days, but even the slightest bit of news about this show gets me so excited I can barely think about it. The last show I was this psyched up about was Smash. We all know how that one ended up, don’t we?

I’m not saying that Gotham is going to be the kind of train wreck, get drunk and live tweet mess of a joy that Smash was. I mean, I might still get drunk and live tweet it.


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